Did The Movie Law And Order Feature Ronald Reagan?

Did The Movie Law And Order Feature Ronald Reagan?

The film Law and Order, directed by Nathan Juran and starring Ronald Reagan, Dorothy Malone, and Preston Foster, was released in 1953.

This was Universal’s fourth adaptation of novelist W.R. Burnett’s narrative, following the 1932, 1937, and 1940 adaptations.

Susan Cabot was supposed to play Maria Durling, but she had to drop out due to dental surgery. Ruth Hampton was chosen for the part after competing in a Miss Universe pageant sponsored by Universal; she would eventually star in five other Universal-International films.

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Ronald Reagan, according to Russell Johnson, was “extremely political” and “couldn’t spend a minute without being quite political.” Despite the fact that they were on opposite sides of the political spectrum, Johnson found Reagan to be an easy man to deal with during production.

The film was shot in California’s Red Rock Canyon.

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Brief Synopsis Of The Movie Law And Order Starring Ronald Reagan

Frame Johnson (Ronald Reagan), a lawman in the Wild West, arrests a legendary bandit, but when the townsfolk threaten to break into the prison and hang the crook without a trial, Frame becomes enraged. He chooses to abandon his days of gunfighting in favor of tranquil household life with his lover, Jeannie (Dorothy Malone). The couple relocates to Cottonwood, which is ostensibly idyllic, only to discover that their new home has been invaded by a rogue rancher with unfinished business with Frame.

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Did The Movie Law And Order Feature Ronald Reagan?

On January 19, 1999, Universal released the picture on VHS under the Universal Western Collection label. It was released on DVD under the same label on May 6, 2003, and included the original theatrical trailer as an extra feature.

Shout! Factory published a licensed Blu-ray edition for the first time on July 16, 2019. A 1080p high-definition video, theatrical trailer, image gallery, and poster gallery are all included in this print.


As per Hans J. Wollstein, In this third instalment of W.R. Burnett’s narrative of a Wyatt Earp-like reformer, the grim appearance of the iconic 1932 Western film Law and Order has been replaced by a Technicolor landscape and the equally colourful presence of Dorothy Malone and “Miss New Jersey of 1952,” Ruth Hampton. Unfortunately, Ronald Reagan’s performance as the tired cop is almost too laid-back, and despite their best efforts, the supporting cast fails to enliven the pretty obvious events. The outcome is a conventional early-’50s Grade-B+ Western that made money for Universal International but is now remembered primarily for the early appearances of future television stars, such as Russell Johnson, Dennis Weaver, and Jack Kelly.