The popular British reality shows Love Island has been renewed for a third season in the United States. This is major news if you love — or just like drama and pretty women in swimming suits. The CBS dating show’s third season and new location were announced via social media in January 2021.

The contestants are taken to a remote area where they are cut off from the rest of the world and constantly monitored. The “islanders” live together 24 hours a day and must “pair up” to stay on the show, sometimes playing silly games but usually lazing by the pool during the day and partying at night. Those who don’t make a connection and couple up maybe “dumped” off the island, with hot new islanders taking their place.

Love Island USA Season 3
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The show’s British version is notable for iconic reality TV moments like explaining Brexit and the difference between a county and a country. Its American counterpart has also been a great phenomenon, with contestants becoming reality stars and influencers.

Once again, Love Island is set on an island.

Every season, Love Island USA visits a different exotic area. Fiji was the setting for Season 1. Because the COVID-19 epidemic prevented international travel, CBS filmed season 2 in Las Vegas in 2020. Under rigorous quarantine standards, contestants lived and loved at the Cromwell hotel.

The show will film in Hawaii for Season 3 of the show. Love Island’s social media posts have been labeled with #BackOnIslandTime because the show is once again taking place on a genuine island. According to Decider, narrator Matthew Hoffman expressed his excitement about the change by responding to the show’s Instagram announcement with the phrase “HERE WE GO!”

The location of the Love Island lads and girls is currently unknown. The presenter drew a fictitious “Love Island” just north of Oahu on a doctored map of the state. Terrace House: Aloha State was shot on Oahu in and around Honolulu, while Temptation Island will be shot on Maui in the fall of 2020.

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Who’s on the third season of Love Island?

In addition to the new location, CBS announced that season 3 candidates will be young single men and women who are ready to mingle.

In the format of the CBS sister show Big Brother, islanders will live in a villa and have their every move (including canoodling) recorded 24/7. According to the streamer’s Twitter, extra material will be available that “takes subscribers beyond the broadcast.”

Coupled participants must stay loyal to one other while still being popular with spectators, who vote on which couple gets the cash prize.

Not only is there money at stake, but there’s also the (small) possibility of discovering true love. Justine and Caleb (shown above), the Season 2 winners, won $100,000 but broke up soon after. Connor and Mackenzie are the only pair from Season 2 who are still together, according to Decider.

Watch Love Island Season 3 Episode 6: Love Island USA - Episode 6 - Full  show on CBS

When does Season 3 of Love Island air?

Because of the epidemic, Season 2 was pushed back to August 2020. However, from the start to the conclusion, CBS broadcasted programs every night. Quarantine protocols were carefully followed on both Love Island and Big Brother during the outbreak. According to Vulture, the Love Island cast and staff were required to quarantine before production, the crews worked in pods to reduce exposure risk, and the network was tested frequently.

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Love Island got the job done and is now set to premiere in the summer, so the system must have worked. According to Screen Rant, the third season will begin on July 7th, directly following Big Brother season 23. CBS is already previewing the next season in its summer promotional videos now that the premiere date is approaching. Things appear to be getting hotter by the day.

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