Know 'Married at First Sight' Season 10: Who stayed together and broke up?

Season 10 of “Married at First Sight” is over, and the five D.C. area couples have decided whether to stay married or divorce.

Dr. Pepper Schwartz, Dr. Cal Roberson, and Dr. Viviana Coles matched them as strangers in the aisle two months ago. After that, the couple went on their honeymoon, moved in together, and merged their lives.

The route wasn’t easy: two of the couples split up before the final choice. Ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends came into play. Friendships were betrayed. Lies were spread across the room. On Instagram, people shared their feelings. There were even brawls with the crew.

Lifetime will air a “where are they now” special next week to keep viewers up to date on what has happened in the five months since that fateful night.

Married at First Sight: Three Couples Are Married 

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On Decision Day, here’s how each couple fared.

Austin Hurd, 31, and Jessica Studer, 31, both have 31 years on the planet.

Of the five couples, Jess and Austin had the smoothest relationship. They got along swimmingly right away and never had a fight.

Know 'Married at First Sight' Season 10: Who stayed together and broke up?

Even yet, there was some tension throughout their wedding. Austin’s sloppy manner was difficult for Jess, who is a neat freak. Austin’s job travel was also causing Jess concern. He’d be gone for at least half the month, she knew.

Despite this, she fell in love with her husband, despite his refusal to acknowledge it, which terrified her. Austin expressed his apprehension by telling his wife and the experts, “That’s a huge term to me.”

Before they both agreed to stay married, Austin let down his wall and confessed, “I love you.”

Brandon Reid, 34, and Taylor Dunklin, 27, are two young men in their early twenties.

From the beginning, Brandon struggled to retain his cool. He swore to mend his ways after exploding on Taylor, the other couples, and the production team on their honeymoon. He didn’t like it when his wife used Instagram to complain that no men met her criteria and pretended to be single. Taylor, Brandon believed, was in their marriage for the sake of fame.

Know 'Married at First Sight' Season 10: Who stayed together and broke up?

Brandon showed up unexpectedly on Decision Day, surprising Taylor. He clashed with the experts over his obnoxious demeanor, which he claims stemmed from the fact that taping the show caused him to be late for work. “This show has been on for ten seasons, and I’ve been on for seven,” Pastor Cal explained. “We’ve never prevented someone from reporting to work.”

Taylor had had it with his antics and had had it with him. “With everything that has happened, we may not be able to continue,” she remarked, requesting a divorce.

Brandon stood up and walked out of the room, saying, “I’m over it.” “This is all too much for me.”

Michael Watson, 31, and Meka Jones, 25

Michael had lied to Meka about his employment, teaching yoga, and pay throughout their marriage. Meka became enraged because she didn’t trust him and was afraid of being vulnerable in front of her. Michael was troubled by Meka’s lack of feeling and compassion when a family member died.

They were both unsure of their situation as decision day approached. Separation was a loss for both couples. “It’ll be the worst failure of my life if we get divorced,” Meka stated.

Know 'Married at First Sight' Season 10: Who stayed together and broke up?

Michael was asked to consider how severe his lies were and how they affected his marriage by the experts. Finally, he accepted responsibility for his acts and stopped justifying them.

Meka, on the other hand, had run out of time. “Too much dishonesty has occurred… She informed the specialists, “I still don’t know who my spouse is.” “As a result, I’d like to be divorced.”

Michael said, “I don’t believe in divorce.” “It’s a bummer,” says the narrator.

Katie Conrad, 25, and Derek Sherman, 26

Derek had never experienced a romantic relationship before, which frightened romantic Katie. Though they initially became friends, their chemistry waned as their differences became clear.

Katie, being the realist, was concerned that Derek would never love her. She was worried that their friendship was turning into a romance. Derek’s immaturity was also a problem for her: his incessant daydreaming and wacky future plans, as well as his fart jokes, made her want for someone more mature.

Derek didn’t feel supported by his wife, who frequently chastised him for failing to achieve her standards.

Know 'Married at First Sight' Season 10: Who stayed together and broke up?

The experts quickly reminded the young couple that passion may blossom, especially once the show’s pressure is lifted.

Derek explained to his wife, “I want to stay married to you because I believe I can fall in love with you.”

Katie responded, “A part of me feels like my heart isn’t in it.” “However, I am not yet ready to give up and would like to remain married.”

After deciding to remain together, they signed a one-year lease.

Mindy Shiben, 34, and Zach Justice, 32, are a couple.

Mindy and Zach ended their relationship a few weeks before Decision Day.

Zach has refused to truly commit to the marriage since the beginning of their relationship. He didn’t live with Mindy and he refused to spend time with her off-camera. Mindy was taken aback when she discovered that her closest friend and Zach had been texting and calling behind her back, after weeks of disappointment from her spouse. She decided to end the conversation.

Know 'Married at First Sight' Season 10: Who stayed together and broke up?
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It was their first meeting since their breakup.

Zach expressed regret and stated that he did not marry her for the sake of appearing on television. He said to his ex, “I believe you came into my life for a reason.”

“I believe that breaking up with Zach was the best decision I could have made,” Mindy stated. “I’ve felt a great weight lifted off of me ever since that day.”

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