Mayans MC is back in action, with Season 4 set to premiere in just a few weeks. While the original Sons of Anarchy aired for seven seasons before being cancelled, it appears that the spin-off is still alive and well.

When Will The Fourth Season Of Mayans MC Premiere?

Season four of Mayans MC will air on FX in the United States on April 19 and will be available to stream on Hulu the following day. Fans in the United Kingdom and Europe can watch the action on Disney+.

“I am incredibly appreciative to everyone at FX and 20th for enabling us to continue to tell the stories of the characters that Kurt [Sutter] and I created and whom our cast and crew pushed to new heights in season three,” Elgin James said (via Deadline) when the third season was announced in May 2021.

Mayans Season 4 Episode 1 - Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Everything We Know!

“In season four, we’re looking forward to delving further into each character’s truths, examining the dangers of the explosive world they live, and staking out our spot as storytellers for each writer, cast member, and crew.”

Who’s In The Cast Of Mayans MC Season 4?

For season four, all of the major players are expected to return.

So there you have it:

EZ (JD Pardo)
Angel (Clayton Cardenas)
Taza (Raoul Trujillo)
Adelita (Carla Baratta)
Bishop (Michael Irby)
Emily (Sarah Bolger)
Gaby (Sulem Calderon)
Felipe (Edward James Olmos)
El Coco (Richard Cabral)
Miguel (Danny Pino)
Álvarez (Emilio Rivera)
Linc (Ray McKinnon).

All three have previously appeared on the show during the last three seasons, but they are now officially part of the main cast. As a result, expect to learn more about some of their backstories.

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Other new additions are yet to be released, so stay tuned for more information!

What Will Happen In The Fourth Season Of Mayans MC?

In May 2021, James told Deadline, “We dealt with consequences in season three, and I believe we will continue.” “I believe things are going to spiral out of control… Because I was a member of the gang when EZ and Gaby began dating, the majority of their story revolved around me and my friends. This is like imagining what would have occurred if she hadn’t stayed, if she hadn’t had the patience she did, if she hadn’t given me another chance.”

“I guess [with] EZ, we talked about this inevitability all the time.” It was inevitable that he would end up here. There’s a darkness he can’t escape, and I believe we’ll witness that.

Mayans Season 4 Episode 1 - Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Everything We Know!

After three seasons of seeing him battle to get out of it, I believe he’s f**king in it now.

Fans of the show will be eager to learn who was shot in the season finale.

James told EW, “I heard a gunshot.” “When EZ heard the gunfire, I assume he turned towards the templo.”

“We’ll have to watch what happens with him,” James stated of the assassinated Isaac [JR Bourne]. [Bourne] appeared in one of my films, Little Birds. People dislike him because of what he brought to the table this season.

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Emily and Galindo’s lives are going to be heavily scrutinised in the following episodes, with their marriage in shambles.

Clayton Cardenas hinted about his character Angel’s allegiance to his MC during a TCA event (via

To Angel, whose blood was thicker was always a question. “Is it the blood of his brother or the club?” he asked. “When it comes to family, we can choose our friends but not always. So which one did Angel favour? By the end of the first season, he had changed, having seen his brother totally immerse himself in the club life.

To truly determine which blood was thicker, I believe he had to test his own morals. He had to assess the pros and drawbacks and decide whether was best for his life or his brother’s.

“I think as the season progresses, Angel begins to see that his allegiance to his brother may be more destructive than he thought.”

Of course, gang violence will continue in the following episode.

Trailer Of Mayans Season 4 Episode 1

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