Netflix's Monopoly Game Spoiled 'Stranger Things' Season 4

Images from an official Monopoly board game tie-in to the long-awaited new season of the classic sci-fi smash have surfaced online.

It’s actually quite poetic. Monopoly is a board game that criticizes capitalism by allowing one player’s money and property to develop unchecked, resulting in the bankruptcy of the other players. Due to the repercussions of shareholder expectations that a firm must exhibit ongoing, unsustainable, unattainable growth, Netflix is currently struggling with dropping stock values and enormous layoffs. The topics are combined in today’s Bad Netflix News Du Jour, as a new edition of a Stranger Things Monopoly game available in some Target shops contains spoilers for the upcoming season of the mysterious science-fiction show.

The images from the game’s cards, which initially surfaced last month, reveal important story aspects in the upcoming episodes.

Stranger Things Season 4 Monopoly

Netflix was not pleased with the mishap. They weren’t as unhappy as the show’s creators, the Duffer brothers, who, according to insiders, were not contacted about the game. Matt and Ross Duffer, who have long respected narrative confidentiality, are claimed to have had a “complete meltdown” over the incident.

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According to a Reddit thread dedicated to the leak, the game was acquired “fair and square” by a consumer at “a nationally recognized retailer.” Nobody took it; no sample was spilled.” Those purchase specifics, however, remain unconfirmed. Stranger Things Monopoly games from previous seasons are now being promoted in stores, though a couple of reported copies of the season four version are being advertised on eBay.

According to a source close to Netflix’s tentpole series, while the show’s producers have a lot of input and approval over the vast majority of the show’s promotions and consumer products, the scale and breadth of the Stranger Things franchise is so unlike any other at Netflix that the Monopoly game must have accidentally passed Go.

“Lessons have been learnt,” the insider said, “and I anticipate there will be better cohesion heading into season five.”

This isn’t the first time a tie-in product has ruined a major entertainment brand. Many Star Wars titles have been famously spoiled over the years (such as a Rey action figure with a lightsaber being released before The Force Awakens opened, revealing the character as a potential Jedi). Jon Favreau, the showrunner of The Mandalorian, was so concerned about toy spoilers that he refused to let any manufacturer have the design for Baby Yoda until after the show’s 2019 premiere, resulting in the lucrative toy line for the breakout character not being available to consumers for months after the Disney+ series premiered.

Stranger Things’ fifth season will be the series’ final season, according to Netflix. Stranger Things may get a sequel or spinoff series beyond the current premise and actors, according to the Duffer Brothers.

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Season four’s official description is as follows: “It’s been six months since Hawkins was terrorized and destroyed by the Battle of Starcourt. Our group of friends is separated for the first time as a result of the aftermath, and negotiating the complexity of high school hasn’t made things any simpler. A new and terrifying supernatural menace emerges at this most vulnerable period, posing a horrible puzzle that, if answered, could ultimately put an end to the Upside Down’s atrocities.”

The new season is divided into two sections. Season four will premiere on May 27 (three years after season three), with the second half of the season, “Volume 2,” premiering on July 1.

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