Outer Banks Season 1 - ENDING EXPLAINED!

Outer Banks, which debuted on Netflix on April 15, 2020, with a 10-part first season, begins as one style of show and evolves into numerous others over its initial run. When its main character, John B. (Chase Stokes), uncovers a clue that leads him in pursuit of a jackpot — the hunt for which may have taken his father’s life — the film transforms into an adventure narrative and treasure hunt. By the end of Outer Banks, it’s become a full-fledged criminal narrative, with John B. and his “Pogues” racing against sinister powers and the long arm of the police.

The show’s dual identity – bucolic hanging with the Pogues alternating with intrigue and gunplay — is what makes it so captivating. Multiple individuals have died, family connections have been destroyed, lovers have had their own stars crossed, and the treasure that is the reason for it all remains at large at the end of the first season. It’s a tremendous setup for the second season of Outer Banks, but not before events unfold that impact the lives of nearly everyone involved. Let’s hoist our anchors and set sail into the tumultuous tide to see how it all plays out.

OUTER BANKS Trailer (2020) Netflix

Treasure islands on the Outer Banks

When we first meet John B., he’s nine months into his search for his father, Big John (Charles Halford), a treasure hunter who was seeking a pile of riches lost when the Royal Merchant sank. Working-class youths John B. and his buddies Kiara (Madison Bailey), JJ (Rudy Pankow), and Poe (Jonathan Daviss) — collectively known as the Pogues — are simply trying to have a regular summer. When they come upon another wrecked ship, the contents of which lead them on a quest for the Royal Merchant’s wreck, its wealth, and, maybe, some indication of John B.’s missing father.

It’s not as simple as following a succession of hints, though. The first discovery, after all, comes with a side of death in the shape of “marina rat” Scooter Grubbs’ washed-up body. With the Royal Merchant, a treasure said to be worth $400 million, you can guarantee that the Pogues aren’t the only ones looking for it. That includes the cops, led by Sheriff Peterkin (Adina Porter), who’s attempting to determine how Grubbs died. In addition, the Pogues aren’t the only crew on the Outer Banks, and intrusions by the rival Kooks, as well as John B.’s surprising infatuation with Sarah Cameron of that side, are a problem (Madelyn Cline).

Ward Cameron’s tangled web on the Outer Banks

Ward Cameron (Charles Esten of Nashville), who is originally depicted as kind, enters the already jumbled scenario, offering to take John B. in and be his guardian. Ward, on the other hand, turns out to be a horrible, bad guy. When John B. denies Ward’s offer to aid in the search for the Royal Merchant gold, Ward strikes him. Then it’s revealed that Ward was actually working with Big John on the treasure hunt, but betrayed him and left him for dead when his desire for a bigger share of the loot was turned down. Ward finally gets the gold out from beneath the Pogues and loads it into a jet bound for the Bahamas. Oh, and Sarah is his daughter, which complicates matters even further for John B.

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As the first season of Outer Banks draws to a close, John B. parks his vehicle at the end of the runway in an attempt to prevent Ward’s jet from taking off. Sheriff Peterkin then arrives to take Ward into custody. Isn’t it true that all’s good that ends well? Please reconsider. Rafe (Drew Starkey), Ward’s drugged-up son, murders Peterkin, and Ward is able to frame the crime on John B. The treasure is transferred to the Bahamas, and John B. is on the run — but he’s not alone, as Sarah, appalled by her father and brother’s vile conduct, discovers where our young hero is hiding and travels there to meet him.

The Endgame on the Outer Banks

John B. and Sarah are on the run from just about everyone at this point: the cops, the Kooks, and Ward are all after them. They devise an escape plan, with JJ commandeering his violent father’s boat, the Phantom, and providing it to the fleeing couple, thanks to the Pogues. They flee the cops, and as Ward begs for his daughter’s return over the radio, John B. turns the script, informing Ward and the cops nearby that he knows Ward is responsible for Big John’s killing.

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The climax is marked by a pair of major dei ex machina. First, John B. and Sarah sail into the midst of a looming storm, preferring to confront it together rather than turn back. Then, after being capsized by a large wave and drifting out to sea, they’re saved by a passing boat on its route to Nassau, the Bahamas’ capital. Coincidence? Sure, but it’s also a good set-up for Outer Banks season 2: John B. may now continue his hunt for the gold that Ward smuggled to that island country and cost his father’s life.