Pachinko is a new series that will be exclusive to Apple TV. In Korean, Japanese, and English, it will be stated. It is based on the same-named book by Min Jin Lee.

“Some projects come along and change the core fabric of who you are as a director and a person,” said Soo Hugh, creator of the series. Without a doubt, pachinko is that project for me.

“This isn’t just a storey about my forefathers and moms; it’s also a tribute to them – to all of the ‘Sunjas’ buried deep in our family’s history.” It’s been an incredible honour to work on this series with such a dedicated and talented cast and crew.”

Release Date for Pachinko

Pachinko will make its international debut on Friday, March 25, 2022, on Apple TV+.

The first three episodes will be available when the show premieres, with the rest of the series following on a regular basis. The series will consist of eight episodes, with the last episode airing on Friday, April 29.

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Plot for Pachinko

Pachinko, according to Apple TV, is gigantic in size but intimate in tone. “The storey begins with a forbidden love and ends with a great epic that spans Korea, Japan, and America to tell an incredible storey of war and peace, love and sorrow, triumph and reckoning.”

Additional plot details for the series have been hidden, though it is expected to closely follow the events of the novel.

Pachinko follows a Korean family as they travel to Japan amid Japan’s occupation of a then-unified Korea and subsequent World War II involvement. Despite the fact that the story begins in 1883, most of the action takes place between 1910 and 1989.

The main appeal of Pachinko is Lee’s clever intertwining of several characters within this timeframe. Sunja is a major character, and her impoverished journey to Japan reveals a prevalent undertone of discrimination against Koreans in the country.

Her storey is intertwined with Hansu, a mysterious Korean businessman born into an affluent Japanese family, as well as a cast of Korean and Japanese characters.

The account that follows is described by The Guardian as a “rich monument to a people that history seemed hell-bent on eliminating.”

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Cast of Pachinko

Pachinko Possible Release Date: Confirmation on Renewal or Cancellation in 2022!

Mozasu is played by Soji Arai, Solomon is played by Jin Ha, Yangjin is played by Inji Jeong, Sunja is played by Minha Kim, Hansu is played by Lee Minho, and Etsuko is played by Kaho Minami.

Isak is played by Steve Sanghyun Noh, Naomi is played by Anna Sawai, Yoseb is played by Jun-woo Han, Young Kyunghee is played by Eun Chae Jung, Tom Andrews is played by Jimmi Simpson, Sunja is played by Yu-na Jeon, and Sunja is played by Youn Yuh Jung.

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