“Prodigal Son,” which debuted on Fox in 2019, gives a fresh take on a tired TV genre. Serial killers give officers of law enforcement their own viewpoints on murderer mindsets in order to apprehend fresh serial killers, as seen in shows like “Dexter” and “Hannibal.” While “Prodigal Son” is based on the same premise, it differs from its predecessors in that it features a father-son bond between the protagonist cop and the imprisoned killer who assists him.

The show was the only drama series to launch on Fox in 2019 and be retained for a second season, owing to its high ratings. The series was first accessible to stream on Hulu and then on HBO Max after it premiered on cable television (via Nerds and Beyond). According to data acquired by FlixPatrol, the series made it into the top ten series on the streaming site thanks to HBO. While “Prodigal Son” is presently in its second season, its popularity may have an impact on whether or not it is renewed for a third. Season 3 of “Prodigal Son” has been revealed thus far.

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When will the third season of Prodigal Son air?

After 20 episodes between September 2019 and April 2020, the first season of “Prodigal Son” came to a close (via IMDb). Season 2 of the show began broadcasting in January 2021, and it is currently airing. Despite the fact that the production of the second season of “Prodigal Son” is taking place during a pandemic, it does not appear that this is causing any delays in its distribution. Despite the fact that series actor Michael Sheen contracted COVID-19 in early 2021, the show’s production went on without a hitch (via Deadline).

The third season of “Prodigal Son” has yet to be announced. However, the show’s production continued even after one of its stars was diagnosed with a serious illness, indicating that the network continues to value the show. Season 2 should wrap up in July or August 2021 if the episode order follows that of the first season. If the series is renewed for a third season, it is unlikely to air until early 2022 at the earliest.

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What actors will appear in Season 3 of Prodigal Son?

The relationship between son Malcolm Bright and father Martin Whitly is the central theme of “Prodigal Son.” Tom Payne plays Malcolm, while Michael Sheen portrays Martin (who once rebuffed none other than the queen of England). Both are likely to return if “Prodigal Son” is renewed for a third season, given their importance to the series.

In the meantime, Lou Diamond Phillips, who plays NYPD officer Gil Arroyo, has expressed excitement for his position as Malcolm’s surrogate father in the series. Ainsley Whitly, Malcolm’s sister, is played by Halston Sage and is an important part of the show’s familial dynamic. Keiko Agena, who plays Edrisa Tanaka, Aurora Perrineau, who plays detective Dani Powell, and Frank Harts, who plays detective JT Tarmel, round out the group. Most, if not all, of “Prodigal Son’s” key characters can be expected to return for a third season if it is announced, barring any major character deaths in the remaining episodes of the second season.

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What will Prodigal Son Season 3’s plot be like?

Malcolm’s sociopathic inclinations are always on the verge of surfacing when consulting with his serial murderer father, which is crucial to their relationship. As a result, Malcolm is frequently pulled between his NYPD law enforcement duty and an inner darkness. Ainsley, Malcolm’s sister, suffers from a similar form of sociopathy and has even committed murder. Going into a third season, the series’ primary family conflict should remain at its core.

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Individual police investigations are the focus of episodes of “Prodigal Son” on a lesser scale. The fundamental storyline of the show is progressively revealed through these cases. Unless Malcolm completely embraces his sociopathic tendencies along the road, this formula is likely to continue into a possible Season 3. Of course, given the series is distinguished as much by surprising plot twists as it is by its recurring structure, a third season would almost certainly be full of them.

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