Reno’s dysfunctional elite are getting ready to dance to a new tune.

Reno 911! is the next revival series to hit the airwaves, a decade after it first aired on Comedy Central in 2009, but with a new pair of cabaret go-go boots. Reno 911! was a mockumentary-style, largely unscripted cop comedy set in and around Reno, Nevada, in the mid-to-late 2000s. It was the edgier, more rambunctious forerunner of Brooklyn Nine-Nine: a mockumentary-style, largely unscripted cop comedy focused on the incompetent officers of a fictitious county trooper department stationed in and around Reno, Nevada

After six seasons and 88 episodes, the sitcom came to an end in July 2009.

Reno 911! will not return to Comedy Central for Season 7, instead re-emerging on the new short-format streaming service Quibi, according to a December 2019 press release. You may not be familiar with this new streaming service, but don’t worry; we’ll get to it later.

Though we live in an era of seemingly endless TV reboots and revivals, there’s a significant benefit in the fact that a significant amount of time has passed to generate nostalgia — and also to allow the mockumentary sitcom style that dominated the 2000s and early 2010s (The Office, Parks and Recreation, and 30 Rock, to name a few) to fade as the go-to narrative format (at least in Reno’s case). Let’s take a peek at what to anticipate from Reno 911! season 7’s return to patrol by the Reno Sheriff’s Department.

Reno 911! season 7 will air on the new streaming service Quibi

Reno 911! Season 7

Quibi is a brand-new streaming platform that aims to appeal to millennials and younger audiences with a unique approach: it’s exclusively available on mobile devices and provides material in a micro-episodic manner. All serial material created for the streamer will be 10 minutes or fewer in length – imagine Vine, TikTok, or the in-beta app Byte, but created by and for corporate television studios. It’s intended to provide on-the-go entertainment analogous to Snapchat and Instagram Stories, and Quibi’s executive growth plan has involved snatching up talent from both businesses. The time constraint and claimed intention to record all of its material suited for viewing on a phone (meaning it can be seen in both vertical and horizontal positions) is a risky undertaking, but Reno 911!’s concept seems to be a wonderful match for this concept. It’s a sketch comedy, and in that genre, shorter is usually preferable to keep the humour compact and to-the-point. This media model has been explored before, most notably by Verizon’s ill-fated Go90 venture, but never at this scale of investment in triple-A talent.

Quibi will be available in two pricing models: one with a single pre-episode commercial for $4.99 per month, and another with no advertisements at all for $7.99 per month. Ad duration is also determined by the length of the content video: 10-second commercials play if the video is five minutes or less, and 15-second ads play if the video is longer than that, up to the content format’s 10-minute limit. The debut of Quibi is set for April 6, 2020.

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What’s the release date for Reno 911! season 7?

Season 7 of Reno 911! does not have a set release date as of December 2019, however, it has been greenlit for production.

Quibi is planned to begin on April 6, 2020, with the Daily Essentials sports and news show being the only item that is certain to be accessible on that day. However, given the immense pressure to succeed in the ever-expanding streaming industry, Quibi is unlikely to wait long to start showing Reno 911! season 7. It’s the only pre-existing IP with a name that the streamer may utilize to attract attention (though quite a bit of household-name talent will be producing brand-new original content for the service). Reno’s comeback is also one of the first major attempts by Comedy Central’s new division, which is tasked with developing and selling scripted and unscripted shows for streaming platforms and conventional television (rather than creating just for the cable channel), so Quibi has a lot to prove.

Given the style of Reno 911! season 7, production time will be far less than any regular television production, thus Quibi will be able to pump out episodes quickly once everything is in place. It wouldn’t be surprising if a release date was announced only weeks before the planned premiere — most likely in mid-2020, soon after Quibi debuts in April.

Who’s in the cast of Reno 911! season 7?

Reno 911! Season 7

As of this writing, the only performers officially associated with Reno 911! season 7 are the show’s creators, Robert Ben Garant, Kerri Kenney-Silver, and Thomas Lennon, who portrayed Deputy Travis Junior, Deputy Trudy Weigel, and the flamboyant Lieutenant Jim Dangle, respectively. It’s encouraging to know that Reno’s pounding heart has been restored in excellent operating condition. Sketch comedy frequently has the fortunate accident of its creators also starring on film, so it’s pleasant to know that Reno’s throbbing heart has been revived in good working shape.

Nick Swardson, who played a recurrent citizen in Reno called Terry Bernadino, will be back in action for the upcoming season, according to the press statement announcing the revival: The press announcement states, “Hopefully he can still rollerskate.” It’s reasonable to presume that the creators of Reno 911! season 7 is at least in talks with Swardson about returning to the show.

Wendi McLendon-Covey, who played Deputy Clementine Johnson on Reno 911! has finished a couple of film projects that will be released in 2020 but otherwise looks to be empty. Maybe she’ll be joining the cast as well.

Though Lennon is quoted in the press release as stating it’s “a thrill to have the original ensemble back together,” further formal casting has yet to be announced — and the rest of the OG performers may face some obstacles if they are to return.

Cedric Yarbrough, who portrayed Deputy S. Jones on Reno 911!, is presently appearing in CBS’ medical comedy Carol’s Second Act in a recurrent albeit minor role.

Despite the fact that Niecy Nash’s time on TNT’s Claws has come to an end with the series’ conclusion, she is presently working on the historical drama miniseries Mrs. America, which chronicles Phyllis Schlafly’s organized Christian resistance against the Equal Rights Amendment in the 1970s. Carlos Alazraqui, who played Deputy James Garcia on Reno 911!, has largely been doing voice work in recent years he’s Rocko from Rocko’s Modern Life, but he’s now linked to a comedy pilot in which the last surviving descendent of Jesus Christ buys publication rights to the Bible. That pilot doesn’t seem to have been picked up for a series yet, and given the fickle nature of television pilot pitches, it may all be for nothing.

Nonetheless, the unusual video format Quibi offers, along with the bulk manner in which Reno 911! has previously been recorded, for example, a whole season’s worth of morning briefing sequences was sometimes filmed in a single day, may assist to alleviate any schedule difficulties.

There’s no doubt that the producers want to bring back as much of the original cast as possible for more raunchy nonsense — nonsense that can now be both raunchier and uncensored thanks to Quibi’s paid format that couldn’t be done with Comedy Central on cable — and we’re hoping for all of that and more

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Reno 911! Season 7 Trailer

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