Ruthless Season 3 - Latest Updates on Release Date, Cast, Plot, and More!

The drama series ‘Tyler Perry’s Ruthless’ was created, written, and directed by Tyler Perry. In March 2020, BET+ launched a spin-off of ‘The Oval.’ Ruth, a member of the Rakadushi religious sex cult, is caught in a web she has spun for herself.

For the time being, all she can do is keep walking until she and her child are safe. In Season 1, the heroes face moral dilemmas on a regular basis and must walk a delicate line between right and wrong. Fans will naturally want to know if there will be a third season if there is one. So, what are your thoughts on the subject?

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Release Date of Ruthless Season 3

On March 19, 2020, BET premiered Season 1 of “Ruthless.” The series’ 12th episode premiered on June 4, 2020. The thirteenth episode of “Ruthless” will be released on November 26, 2020. The final episode of the series was broadcast on January 28, 2021.

On January 6, 2022, the final episode of Season 2 aired. Ruthless season 3 is currently unknown. The show has yet to be renewed or cancelled. We’ll update this post as we acquire more information.

Plot with No Mercy

During the first three episodes of The Oval, Ruth Truesdale (Melissa L. Williams) kidnaps her daughter Callie to join her and the cult’s sex-crazed members. Ruth is revered by the Rakadushi faith.

For her role in punishing her best friend, Tally, for being a deviant, she was given a high-ranking member of the cult, an “Elder.”

Tyler Perry's Ruthless: BET+ Reveals Drama Series' Return Date - canceled +  renewed TV shows - TV Series Finale

To be accepted into the role of Elder, she was gang-raped in front of The Highest by seven high-ranking cult members, including Andrew and Dikhan.

After being gang-raped, Ruth and Tally’s best friend left the cult.

Rakadushis leader “The Highest” (Matt Cedeo). The Supreme Being’s trademarks include long hair and white clothing. He has a calm and welcoming demeanour about him.

This is done to conceal his status as a serial killer and paedophile. To rape newbies, he employs medications to cause them to blackout and lose their memories. He, too, is a drug user.

Dikhan (Lenny Thomas), The Highest’s right-hand man, is a cult leader. He keeps a close check on everything that happens on the cult’s property. Dikhan may be invasive and rigorous, despite his beautiful appearance and commitment to The Highest.

Dikhan and The Highest have been together for twelve years, according to the seventh episode of Season One.

Dikhan is bisexual. He’s had a long-term relationship with Ruth, but he’s also attracted to Lynn (Nirdine Brown). Ruth enlists the help of Dikhan to plan her escape from the cult, but Dikhan is smitten with her.

Ruthless Season 3: Expected Release Date & Updates!

Ruth is pregnant with Dikhan’s first child, according to Dikhan. He needs to keep his feelings for Ruth hidden because of his link with the Highest. Furthermore, it violates cult rules. The Highest becomes suspicious of Dikhan and Ruth after smelling Ruth’s soap on him.

Dikhan feels frightened and envious because of the Highest’s adoration for Andrew and River. Dikhan is reviled throughout the cult. The Highest is informed of the cult members’ wrongdoings, and Dikhan frequently advises and punishes them.

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Andrew (Blue Kimble), an undercover FBI agent who eventually converted to the sex cult’s principles and is now a high-ranking member, was infiltrated by the Rakadushi cult. With his wife, Sarah, Andrew has a son.

He had a forbidden sexual relationship with Tally (Yvonne Senat Jones), a member of the Rakadushi sect, after entering and becoming a strong disciple of the faith. Andrew’s passion for Tally leads to her being pregnant.

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Andrew is a married FBI agent and an undercover spy, which Tally is unaware of. Andrew is a devout follower of the Rakadushi cult.

Tally, on the other hand, is torn between her beliefs and her feelings for him, and he, in turn, is torn between the two.

Tally begins to have doubts about Andrew’s commitment to her after finding that he was one of the seven men responsible for Ruth’s gang rape.

Because Dikhan was in love with The Highest and had demonstrated his allegiance to the religion by having gay intercourse with The Highest once, it generated friction between Andrew and Dikhan.