The first four episodes of The Circle season 2 were published earlier this week on Netflix, and wow, is this reality show turning up the drama right now. In different rooms of the same house, eight people compete for a $100,000 reward. Catfishing is a viable option because they are only allowed to communicate via messages and social media and are not allowed to see or touch each other. They wanted to be the most famous.

This season’s players are garnering a lot of fans, according to Twitter. “This time, it’s more strategic than ever,” said host Michelle Buteau in the second-season promo. Savannah Palacio, a now-25-year-old Los Angeles-based part-Latina, part-Asian woman (according to Decider), has already made headlines with her early second-influencer rank followed by a dramatic collapse — you’ll have to watch to see what happened. But who is Palacio and why was she cast in The Circle this season?

The Circle Season 2 

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She recently completed her studies as a data researcher.

Savannah Palacio notes in her introduction video for The Circle that her work isn’t a true reflection of who she is. “On Capitol Hill, I do data research,” she explained. “My job isn’t wonderful, but I’m a different person. I’m a sociable, outgoing person who enjoys bling and glam.” She did admit to having a “nerdier side,” which she intended to show off during the series — “the girl who is at home with her glasses on, presumably gaming in front of her computer,” she noted.

According to her LinkedIn page, she is a public relations intern at House Majority PAC, and she graduated from California State University in 2018 with a bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism and a minor in political science. She was a member of the national honor society, an Associated Students Upper Division Senator, and a membership vice president for an unknown campus non-profit organization. As a volunteer, she worked with Autism Speaks.

Savannah From Netflix's The Circle Season 2 - All You Should Know

Savannah Palacio is a well-known figure on the internet.

Savannah Palacio’s name may not be known to you right now, but it is to a large number of people on social media. On Instagram, she posts pictures of herself sporting makeup, clothing, and accessories, as well as shoutouts to lifestyle and wellness firms that have provided her with nails and other beauty products and services. She has worked as an influencer for brands such as Yves Saint Laurent Beauty, Elf Cosmetics, Dermatologica, Sweet Sweat, Philosophy, ASOS, and Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty House. She has over 18,000 YouTube subscribers and over 245,000 Instagram followers.

She’s even posted a video about how she increased her Instagram following to inspire others. She credits her initial 10,000 organic followers to her participation in pageants, which she began when she was seven years old. She was a broke college student in 2018 when a friend asked why she didn’t take her Instagram seriously, so they went out and took images, which she did for months with beautiful clothes from her closet. That is, until Forever 21 contacted her and asked her to model some of their items and tag them on Instagram.

Savannah From Netflix's The Circle Season 2 - All You Should Know

“With all these companies, it was truly a snowball effect,” Palacio continued.

She goes on to note that maintaining a consistent daily schedule, engaging with her followers through comments and conversations, and examining analytics to see when fans will be online are all beneficial to her influencer company.

Chloe Veitch (1.4 million Instagram followers) and Bryant Wood (491,000) are the cast’s biggest influencers this season. Despite this, her brilliance has been recognized, making her an excellent candidate for a show like The Circle, which requires social media expertise.

Palacio, who despises reality television, was a huge fan of the show’s first season.

Palacio said to Parade that she wasn’t a big fan of reality TV, but she made an exception for The Circle.

“I was a tremendous fan of the show during the first season,” she told Decider.

Savannah From Netflix's The Circle Season 2 - All You Should Know

“I hadn’t seen it when it first aired, but I felt driven to see it after hearing so much about it. It was really wonderful. The game’s strategy was quite enjoyable to me. It was a fantastic idea. It comes at a nice moment for me because we were all in COVID together and I thought I’d do well.”

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She said she isn’t argumentative and gets along with people, but she has “a little fire inside.” “I can defend myself,” she proclaimed. She does not believe The Circle qualifies, despite any proof to the contrary. “It was a chance like no other. I would do it again in a heartbeat.” She continued with another remark.

For those who wish to keep watching The Circle this season on Netflix, new batches of four episodes will be released on Wednesday, April 21 and Wednesday, April 28, followed by the season finale on May 5.

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