Season 3 of Netflix’s The Circle is now out, and all eyes are on participant Calvin King Crooks, who is already one of the front-runners for the $100,000 prize. Calvin won hearts by disclosing that on his days off, he rescues animals from trees. Calvin is a self-assured Miami resident who is playing himself, putting supporters of The Circle in the dark about his future connections. Calvin has revealed that he is a private chef and a fireman trainee so far, but here’s all you need to know about his Instagram, age, employment, height, dating life, and more.

Season 3's Calvin King Crooks - All You Need to Know About

During his third season of The Circle, Calvin questioned the cameras, “What’s not to love?” Calvin claims that his charisma is 99.9% effective when it comes to ladies. Calvin’s attraction stems from his eye contact and confidence, which is why he entered the program as his “100% authentic” self. Calvin does concede, though, that he is a fierce competitor who may end up manipulating a few individuals in order to win the game. Calvin’s credo is to make friends with everyone and flirt with everyone.

Calvin does not reveal on The Circle that, in addition to being a personal trainer and a vegetarian nutritionist, he is also an exceptional soccer player. Calvin has worked as a junior software engineer at Codenation and as a fitness manager at Hale Country Club & Spa after graduating in Sport and Fitness Administration/Management from Seton Hall University in South Orange, NJ in 2009. Calvin is currently based in Manchester, England, however, he was born on April 17, 1990, in Miami, to a Cuban and Jamaican mixed family.

Season 3's Calvin King Crooks - All You Need to Know About

Calvin had a successful professional football career in Iceland before joining the cast of The Circle season 3. Calvin played for Droylsden FC (2013/14), Lewes (2015/16), and B/Bolungarvk 11 in Iceland throughout his pro soccer career (2015). Calvin Oliver Crooks, sometimes known as Cal, is a vegetarian who possesses dual English/American passports. He measures 5 feet 11 inches tall.

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While Calvin Crooks looks to be an expert on how social media works in the competitive game of The Circle, his personal Instagram profile reveals his true identity. Calvin’s final public appearance before becoming a Netflix celebrity was in June 2020, when he supported the Black Lives Matter movement.

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Calvin has already gotten support from former The Circle castmates DeLeesa Unique, Courtney Revolution, Seaburn Williams, and Lee Swift, thanks to his growing popularity. Calvin has promised to shake things up and add a pinch of salt to the program, but whether he does so with co-star Kai Ghost remains to be seen. Calvin appears to be single on Instagram, but with The Circle’s approval, he could find himself a sweetie soon.

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