‘SK8 the Infinity’ (stylized ‘SK’) or ‘Esu K Eito‘ is a shounen sports anime about skateboarding produced by Studio Bones and directed by Hiroko Utsumi (‘Banana Fish’).

The show also emphasizes Okinawa’s booming action sports subculture. The plot revolves around Reki Kyan, who is vivacious and upbeat, and Langa Hasegawa, who is reserved and solemn.

Langa and Reki become fast friends after Reki introduces her to skateboarding. Langa began skating after growing up skiing in the Canadian highlands, and he quickly established himself as one of the best local skaters.

The anime has captivated audiences with stunning animation, intriguing characters, and jaw-dropping skating moments since its premiere. If you’ve seen the first season of ‘SK8 the Infinity’ and are curious about what season 2 has in store, here’s what we know.

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Release Date of Sk8 The Infinity Season 2

There is some good news for fans of ‘SK8 The Infinity.’ The anime has made a successful comeback! A sequel to ‘SK8 The Infinity’ is currently in development. The first season of SK8 The Infinity wowed anime fans with its stunning visuals, captivating story, and thrilling skating moments.

The overwhelmingly positive response from the public makes a second season of the anime more likely. Finally, No Border Animation and Studio Bones announced their partnership on a new ‘SK8’ project on July 4, 2021.

Anime aficionados believe they’re referring to the second season of ‘SK8 The Inifinity.’ No confirmations, however, have been made. There are also suggestions that the next project will be a movie.

The upcoming film’s teaser trailer has already been released. It does not say whether this is season 2 or a movie.

We should expect a release date of the new ‘SK8 The Infinity’ project season 2 on July 4, 2022. To discover more about the new project, we’ll have to wait for additional information.

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Plot of Sk8 The Infinity Season 2

In the season 1 finale, Langa defeats Adam and wins the championship, reminding him why he started skating in the first place.

Reki, Cherry, Joe, and the rest of the crew assemble on the Dope Sketch rooftop to celebrate Langa’s victory at the end of the episode. Reki’s sister, Koyomi, has also taken up skating. Shadow is heartbroken when he learns that the florist has a boyfriend.

Miya begins reintroducing himself to his friends. In the post-credits sequence of the first season, Kiriko returns to Tokyo. Adam is found to have placed the entire blame for the corruption entirely on Representative Takano’s shoulders.

When Tadashi asks why Adam didn’t sell him, Adam tells him that Tadashi will live with him for the rest of their lives.

In season 2, Langa, Reki, and the others may travel to Tokyo to compete against the city’s skaters. Reki and Langa might go on a ski trip to learn how to ski.

Koyomi has the potential to be a great skater. Other female skaters could make an appearance next season. Kiriko may return to finish her investigation.

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