Snowpiercer Season 3 - ENDING EXPLAINED!

When “Snowpiercer,” a TNT series, was initially announced in 2016, there was considerable skepticism (via The Hollywood Reporter). Not only had the same narrative been presented in the “Le Transperceneige” graphic novel series, but it had also been made into a 2013 film of the same name. Indeed, filmmaker Bong Joon-Ho was responsible for the first on-screen version of this story six years before he won many Academy Awards for “Parasite.”

Fortunately, the new television series didn’t take long to distinguish itself from its forerunners. Due in part to its brilliant cast, which includes performers like Daveed Diggs, Jennifer Connelly, Rowan Blanchard, Steven Ogg, Alison Wright, and Sean Bean, the “Snowpiercer” series has retained a loyal audience (via TV Series Finale) in the years after its premiere on the cable television network.

The series has continued to diverge from previous installments in a variety of ways as it has progressed. The third season of the show follows a rebel group led by Andre Layton (Diggs) as they battle Joseph Wilford for control of the train (Bean). The group’s objective is to set sail for New Eden, which is located in Africa’s Horn of Africa. Despite the fact that none of the people on the train have ever visited this area, Layton claims to have seen it in a vision.

Snowpiercer Season 3 Trailer (HD)

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With numerous important events and a lot of unexpected turns, the 10-episode season drew to a finale. Here’s how Season 3 of “Snowpiercer” ended, and what it signifies.

Passengers are given the option of staying or leaving by Melanie and Layton.

Wilford speculates early in the season that Melanie Cavill (Jennifer Connelly) is still alive, which proves to be right. Melanie is instantly shocked to realize what Layton has been saying about New Eden, so her delight at seeing her alive is short-lived. Melanie dismisses Layton’s accusations as falsehoods, resulting in yet another fight between the two.

However, when Layton learns that Melanie has joined forces with Wilford, he contacts her and the two acknowledge that they are reverting to their previous leadership habits. As a result, the two agree to establish their own alliance. Finally, this partnership enables the two to kick Wilford off the train and reclaim control of their own fates. Melanie and Layton then declare that the train will split into two halves, one of which will travel to New Eden to see if it is genuine, while the other will continue on the main track. Every passenger has the option of staying or departing.

This is a significant shift in the Snowpiercer train’s operation. For the first time in the train’s history, the train’s operations are completely transparent, which is a significant change from the start of the season, when Ruth Wardell (Alison Wright) noticed that there is always a lie to keep the train running. It also demonstrates Melanie’s ability to govern in ways other than the oppressive tyranny she presided over during the first seven years of Snowpiercer’s rule.

It turns out that New Eden is a genuine place.

Several characters from the show decide to board Big Alice to discover if Layton is correct about New Eden. Sam Roche (Mike O’Malley) and his daughter Carly (Esther Ming Li), Alexandra Cavill (Rowan Blanchard), John Osweiller (Sam Otto), and Ruth Wardell are among the members of this circle, which also includes Layton himself.

Melanie’s predictions concerning the track’s degradation prove to be right, and Big Alice experiences a difficult ride to the Horn of Africa. The train, however, makes it to its destination in one piece, and Alex checks the temperature outside, surprised to find it tolerable despite the intense cold. When the travelers venture outside, they find a little oasis where the snow has melted and the water is flowing.

New Eden’s revelation establishes a few things. To begin with, Melanie’s first theory and the engineers’ calculations were correct: the Earth is rapidly warming. New Eden also shows that the Earth being livable isn’t some far-off speculative future. In fact, we are witnessing this miracle right now.

New Eden also offers a clear path to the end of Snowpiercer’s rampage that does not endanger humanity’s survival. The train is decaying itself, as Melanie and Alex both point out at the conclusion, which means its never-ending voyage can only last so long. However, with the creation of New Eden, mankind now has at least one feasible option for surviving.

Wilford gets ejected from the railway station.

Melanie fights Layton for control of the train because she wants to keep the passengers safe. When she talks to Layton, however, they both understand that with Wilford’s ongoing influence, none of them would ever be genuinely successful. As a result, the two band together and physically remove Wilford off the train, putting him in the same sidecar where Melanie survived Wilford’s abandonment in the second season. The team moved the sidecar outside the train and onto another track, having earlier replenished the supply of chemicals Wilford will require to go into suspension.

Since Big Alice docked with Snowpiercer at the beginning of Season 2, Wilford has become the series’ principal enemy. He enforces strong judgments regardless of the repercussions once he takes charge of the train, and he has reigned with an iron fist on several occasions. Even in the third season, when Layton and his crew finally take control of the train, Wilford remains a constant presence that the group cannot escape. Up until today, that is.

Wilford’s tremendous influence, even among those who are openly devoted to him, is diminished when he is removed from the train. Although Wilford might return to the train in future seasons, this development means Melanie and Layton will be free to go on without Wilford’s shadow lurking over them for the time being.

LJ’s heinous terror reign comes to an end in a lonely way.

Lilah Junior “LJ” Folger is one of the earliest antagonists in “Snowpiercer” (Annalise Basso). It is established early on that she and her lover are the perpetrators of a number of heinous crimes. LJ has remained a malevolent figure who has continually sought power at any means in the years since her introduction. This characteristic is most highlighted in the third season by her senseless murder of Kevin (Tom Lipinski) just as it becomes evident that Wilford is likely to lose his crown.

LJ is taken on an unexpected journey in the Season 3 conclusion, which ends with her sad death. LJ chokes to death after eating her late father’s glass eye (we’re sure she didn’t see it coming). Her death proves to be a watershed moment in the story. As the season progresses, the loss of LJ, along with Wilford’s historic withdrawal from the train, will undoubtedly have a huge impact.

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Fans of “Snowpiercer” don’t have to be concerned about the near future, thankfully. While a second ice age is still a possible possibility in the years ahead, future generations may be certain that they will have enough media to keep them entertained on the real-life Snowpiercer. Season 4 of “Snowpiercer” will premiere in 2023 on TNT.