Succession Season 3 - ENDING EXPLAINED!

“Succession’s” Season 3 finale, “What the Bells Heard,” aired on December 12, 2021, and it completely flipped the season on its head. Waystar-Royco and GoJo appear to be on the verge of merging until Lukas Matsson (Alexander Skarsgrd) presents an alternative: GoJo will buy out Waystar, putting Matsson in charge – and leaving the Roy siblings out in the cold. Logan appears to reject the offer at first, but Shiv (Sarah Snook) notices something is wrong when he sends Roman (Kieran Culkin) back to their mother Caroline’s (Harriet Walter) wedding without him.

After Shiv, Roman, and Connor (Alan Ruck) stage an impromptu intervention for Kendall (Jeremy Strong) during the wedding, Shiv receives a call with the worst news of her life: Logan (Brian Cox) is contemplating taking the offer, confirming her darkest suspicions. Kendall, who’s just returned from the hospital after nearly drowning last week, tearsfully discloses his biggest secret: shooting a waiter at Shiv’s wedding, while the siblings plot how to stop their father’s upcoming betrayal.

The Ending Of Succession Season 3 Explained

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His siblings, to his amazement, forgive him. It doesn’t hurt that Shiv and Roman require Kendall’s assistance in assassinating their father. Here’s how the “What the Bells Heard’s” finale is explained.

The Roy siblings have finally reunited.

Kendall, Shiv, and Roy couldn’t have been more unlike when Season 3 began. Kendall had recently revealed his father Logan’s knowledge of the continuing Waystar-Royco sexual harassment problem within the company’s cruise ship business, breaking ranks with his family. With Kendall out of the way as the presumed successor, Roman and Shiv were left to compete for the title of a new favourite. Shiv takes the initiative when the Roy children learn of their father’s treachery and devises a strategy to halt it.

All season, Roman and Shiv have been at odds with each other. Roman played the “favourite Roy kid” role for the majority of Season 3, until last week when he texted a photo of his genitalia to Logan by accident. While Roman has maintained part of his standing as Logan’s confidante this week, he has clearly fallen out of favour with his father. He believes he’ll never be able to take over the corporation, so he joins Shiv.

Kendall, on the other hand, has been through the wringer this season, watching as the federal investigation into his father loses steam and eventually collapses, losing him his familial bonds in the process. His siblings are worried that he was trying to damage himself after nearly drowning while drunkenly lazing in the pool last week, and much of their hostility dissipates. Shiv and Roman feel sorry for him and begin to help him.

For these reasons, the Roy siblings have finally put their differences aside and joined forces to bring down their father. It’s occurring in some way, exactly as Kendall predicted at the start of the season.

Logan, unfortunately, is still one step ahead, as he usually is.

Logan has outmanoeuvred them yet again.

When Logan and Roman fly to Switzerland to meet with Matsson earlier in the episode, Logan expresses real enthusiasm for the future to the Swedish CEO. Matsson scoffs, speculating on how much of the future an 80-year-old Logan will see. Logan, on the other hand, has an excellent reason to be excited about his new job at the end of this episode.

When the Roy siblings meet their father in Switzerland, the fact that Logan and Caroline formed a holding company for the Roy siblings as part of their divorce deal gives them the most leverage. Logan can’t lawfully transfer authority within WayStar-Royco without the agreement of the parent company.

Logan had been informed that the Roys were on their way, which was unfortunate for them. To their dismay, the Roy siblings discover that their father has called Caroline and persuaded her to change the agreement by eliminating the supermajority provision.

Logan informs his children about the development with delight, then brags about how he’s “bested them” in the battle for control of the corporation. Roman begs his father to let them off the hook, reminding him that they are all in love. Logan ejected them ruthlessly.

The last three seasons of “Succession” have been a battle for Logan’s life. He perceived it as a danger when his children expressed an interest in succeeding him as CEO of WayStar-Royco. Meanwhile, the Roy children made a critical error in believing that their father was driven by something other than power.

Tom was able to sell them all.

Logan sees Tom (Matthew Macfayden) outdoors after leaving his children to handle the news and gives him a cheerful slap on the shoulder. This is something Shiv notices. Her father’s admiration for Tom is unheard of, so she connects the dots and deduces that Tom informed Logan about her plot with her brothers.

Shiv made a critical error earlier in the episode when she phoned Tom to tell him that she and her brothers were preparing to depose Logan and take control of WayStar-Royco. Shiv left Tom out of her plans. That’s a classic Shiv manoeuvre, relegating her spouse to the background. This time, Tom thinks, he’ll take advantage of the circumstance.

Tom spoke with Greg (Nicholas Braun) during the wedding after his chat with Shiv. He asks him if, in the wake of the company’s forthcoming reorganisation, Greg is prepared to support Tom in whatever capacity he takes. He claims he requires an attack dog, especially a “Gregweiler.” Greg decides to “make a deal with the devil,” and the two cement the arrangement with a handshake.

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In retrospect, the moment appears to be far eviler. Tom had already made up his mind to betray his wife and reveal her plans to Logan. Logan is likely to have promised Tom a high-ranking post at ATN, and he isn’t joking when he labels himself “the devil.”

Season 3 of “Succession” teased the potential of a family member switching sides and betraying the others. It turned out to be the majority of them in the end. Tom Wambsgants joined in the fun.

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