The most recent mind-bending film on Netflix, Synchronic, is the topic of conversation. This film has it everything: Anthony Mackie cracking jokes, Jamie Dornan putting on an American accent, a cute puppy, and time travel to top it all off.

This science fiction horror movie from 2020 was surreptitiously launched in cinemas in October, distributed digitally in January, and then arrived on Netflix on April 16. Justin Benson co-wrote the script with Aaron Moorhead. Synchronic has quickly risen to the top of Netflix’s own trending titles charts since making its debut on the streaming site. It was ranked first on Netflix’s “Top 10 in the U.S.” list as of Tuesday.

Synchronic – Let Me Explain

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But the Synchronic finale has raised some questions, as is typical with time-travel movies. Don’t worry if you got lost; Decider is here to guide you. The last minutes of Synchronic is unclear, but continue reading for an explanation of the Synchronic finale.

The Synchronic Plot: What is it?

Anthony Mackie and Jamie Dornan’s characters, Steve and Dennis, are close friends who work as paramedics together. Dennis married young and has two children who are 18 years apart, while Steve is a lonely bachelor who finds it difficult to commit to a relationship. Steve and Dennis have recently been dispatched to many 911 calls regarding the brand-new designer drug “Synchronic,” which has recently entered the market.

Steve is now known to have a brain tumor on his pineal gland. Steve’s doctor remarks in passing that his pineal gland is more like that of an adolescent than an adult, which might imply that Steve has attained enlightenment and developed a third eye. What a cute thing to say to a cancer patient, a doctor!

‘Synchronic’ Movie Ending - EXPLAINED!

Another “Synchronic” drug package was discovered, this time by a group of youths who overdosed, prompting Steve and Dennis to attend to another call. Brianna, Dennis’s missing 18-year-old daughter, was one of those teenagers.

In a fit of wrath, Steve visits the neighborhood head shop and purchases them from Synchronic, ostensibly to protect other people. A customer follows him out of the store and begs him to sell it to him, but Steve declines. Later that evening, the same man visits Steve at home and claims to have developed Synchronic, a narcotic similar to DMT, utilizing a red flower found in the California desert.

Synchronic “messes with the pineal gland, so you perceive time as it truly is,” the author adds. According to him, historical events are like the tracks on a record; they are all there at all times, and the needle may be placed wherever. He claims that synchronicity is the needle. The medicine can occasionally induce children to time travel permanently since their pineal glands are still developing in this age group.

‘Synchronic’ Movie Ending - EXPLAINED!

In conclusion, Synchronic is a medicine that occasionally causes children to travel across time. The medications Steve purchased are the last of the stock; the pharmacist was attempting to get rid of all of them. Steve claims to have flushed the Synchronic, but it is clear that he was lying to the chemist.

When Steve finally uses the Synchronic, he is transported into the past. Recall that Steve’s physician informed him that his pineal gland is comparable to that of an adolescent. In a video, Steve explains what occurred to him and his plans to keep taking the drugs in an effort to track down Dennis’s daughter Brianna. According to what he has learned from his tests, the time you go back to depends on where exactly you take the medication, that you have exactly seven minutes in the past, that you cannot be late for your return, and that you must be touching someone in order to take them with you.

Due to Hawking’s proximity to the location where he needed to be in order to travel back in time, Steve does occasionally get a glimpse of Hawking outside of his home. (Fun fact: Time travel fascinated real-life physicist Stephen Hawking, who carried out multiple tests. That’s probably the person Steve’s dog is named after.)

‘Synchronic’ Movie Ending - EXPLAINED!

How is Synchronic concluded?

There are just two Synchronic tablets remaining for Steve to use in his search for Brianna, but he does not know the precise location of where she was when she vanished. After Steve reveals to Dennis the tapes he’s been recording, they collaborate to search for her.

The engraving that reads “Allways” appears on a rock beside the river, a rock that Brianna had been sitting on earlier in the movie. Steve and Dennis understand that Brianna had previously given them a clue on where to seek her. According to him, Dennis’ final words to Brianna were “always.”

However, Steve emerges as a flicker and is able to shake Dennis farewell, much as we witnessed with Hawking.

‘Synchronic’ Movie Ending - EXPLAINED!

The Synchronic ending: What does it mean? What explains the Synchronic ending?

According to my understanding of the Synchronic conclusion, Steve and his dog are both mired in the past. We never saw any evidence that Steve could go to the past unless he was standing exactly where he had been in the present. We also know that Brianna did not leave the note on the rock. It’s conceivable that Steve left the message.

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The filmmakers Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead do give a glimmer of hope that Steve may use that handshake to travel back in time. When Steve was attacked by an elderly guy from the 1800s, the man just goes through him, when in the previous Steve had not been able to touch other people. Dennis gives Steve a hard handshake, which could indicate that Steve is indeed returning to the current day. The misspelling of “Allways” might have been done by a random individual, which would account for the engraving. (Perhaps “always” was spelled “allways” in the past? Since I’m not a linguist,

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