The Cast of 'Midnight Mass' - Know All Details!

For a new chilling series, Netflix has teamed up with horror master Mike Flanagan (The Haunting of Hill House, The Haunting of Bly Manor(opens in new tab)). Midnight Mass, which debuted on September 24 and was praised by Stephen King and other horror fans, follows the residents of Crockett Island(opens in new tab), a small island populated by only 127 people, as a new priest arrives at the Catholic church and a series of supposed miracles ensue. The cast of this moody meditation on religious fervor and mortality is strong, with both Flanagan regulars and newcomers. Here’s everything we know about Crockett Island’s residents.

Riley Flynn is played by Zach Gilford.

Riley is a recovering alcoholic and newfound atheist who was recently released from prison after killing a young woman in a car accident. He has returned to his hometown, wracked with guilt, to stay with his family. Gilford has been a mainstay on television for over a decade, starring in shows like Friday Night Lights (Saracen! ), L.A.’s Finest, and Good Girls. His first time working with Flanagan was on Midnight Mass, and he’ll be back in The Midnight Club, the director’s next project.

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Father Paul Hill is played by Hamish Linklater.

Father Paul is a new priest who arrives at St. Patrick’s Church on Crockett Island to replace the elderly Monsignor Pruitt, who has fallen ill. When he arrives, those who receive Communion begin to recover from old age and injuries. Linklater has a long history in television, with appearances on Fargo, Legion, The Newsroom, and The New Adventures of Old Christine among his credits. He also starred in The Big Short, which was nominated for an Academy Award.

Erin Greene is played by Kate Siegel.

Greene is the prodigal daughter of Crockett Island, who returns as an adult after fleeing her harsh mother as a youth. Siegel has appeared in every one of her husband’s Netflix series to date, including The Haunting of Hill House, Hush, Oculus, and Gerald’s Game, in which she played Theo. She will next be seen in a television adaptation of the fantasy romance film The Time Traveler’s Wife.

Beverly Keane is played by Samantha Sloyan.

Bev Keane, Erin’s instructor, expresses her adamant religious convictions and authority over the village. She also assisted the former Monsignor, and she greets Father Paul and his miracles with open arms. Sloyan is most known for her collaborations with Flanagan and Shonda Rhimes, another Netflix mega-producer. She appeared in the early seasons of Scandal as a worker suspected of sleeping with Fitz and as a doctor in Season 12 of Grey’s Anatomy before joining the Flanagan-verse as Steve’s wife in Hill House.

Sheriff Hasan is played by Rahul Kohli.

As he tries to raise his kid as a Muslim, Hassan frequently finds himself in conflict with Bev Keane and the town’s burgeoning Catholic zeal. In The Haunting of Bly Manor, Kohli had a breakout role as Owen. His appearances on the CW superhero programs iZombie and Supergirl, as well as his time portraying Scarecrow on Harley Quinn, have earned him a considerable fan base.

Ali Hassan is played by Rahul Abburi.

Ali is a newcomer on the island, but he’s made friends with Warren Flynn and a few other altar boys. He gradually develops an interest in St. Patrick’s miracles. Abburi is also a rookie, having just the YouTube Red series Good Game and the thriller Killer Ransom to his name.

Dr. Sarah Gunning is played by Annabeth Gish.

Sarah is a doubting doctor who feels suffocated by the tiny town, despite the fact that she has stayed to care for her elderly mother. Gish has a long and illustrious playing career that includes roles on Mystic Pizza, The X-Files, The West Wing, and Pretty Little Liars. Mrs. Dudley, the frightening housekeeper of Hill House, was her first appearance in the Flanagan universe.

Ed Flynn is played by Henry Thomas.

Riley’s father, Ed, is an old-fashioned fisherman who has a tense relationship with his eldest son. Thomas began acting as a kid and landed his first major part in E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial as Elliot. Since then, he’s amassed a long list of acting credits, including Hill House, Bly Manor, and the film version of Stephen King’s Doctor Sleep, all of which he co-wrote with Flanagan.

Annie Flynn is played by Kristin Lehman.

Riley’s spiritual mother, Annie, seeks to reintroduce him to the church now that he’s returned home. Felicity, The Killing, and Motive are just a few of the series in which Lehman has appeared. Prior to Midnight Mass, she starred in the first season of Netflix’s sci-fi epic Altered Carbon as affluent Meth Miriam Bancroft.

Warren Flynn is played by Igby Rigney.

Warren, Riley’s younger brother, is a rambunctious yet good-hearted adolescent who works as an altar boy at the church. Rigney is a newbie who, aside from Midnight Mass, has only a few acting credentials, including a cameo appearance on an episode of Blue Bloods and a brief role in F9: The Fast Saga.

Leeza Scarborough is played by Annarah Cymone.

Leeza is a devoted adolescent and the mayor’s daughter of Crockett Island. She was wounded and disabled in a hunting accident, and she regains feeling in her legs, which is one of the show’s first miracles. Cymone’s first TV appearance is in Midnight Mass, and she’ll also appear in Flanagan’s next series The Midnight Club.

Joe Collie is played by Robert Longstreet.

Collie is the town’s outcast and an alcoholic who is haunted by his previous sins, including the hunting tragedy that crippled Leeza. Longstreet is a seasoned actor who has appeared in several of Flanagan’s series, including Hill House and Doctor Sleep, where he played Mr. Dudley. He’s also appeared in Judas and the Black Messiah(opens in new tab), Halloween Kills, and Aquaman in recent years.

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