The Chosen One Season 3 - Latest Update on Release Date, Cast, and Plot!

The first two seasons of Netflix’s drama series “The Chosen One” transport you to a rural part of Brazil, where three doctors travel to a vaccine a town against a frightening new strain of the very lethal Zika virus. Unfortunately for them, the community is in the hands of a mysterious spiritual healer known as the Chosen One (Renan Tenca), who is opposed to vaccinations and appears to possess supernatural abilities. There’s also a lot of serpent imagery, which isn’t always a good thing on TV.

The second season of “The Chosen One” was released in 2019, but we’re still waiting for the third season, which would be extremely timely given the recent outbreaks of severe diseases and immunizations. So, how long must you wait? Let’s see everything we know about “The Chosen One” Season 3’s release date, cast, and plot so far.

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When will The Chosen One Season 3 be available?

The first season of “The Chosen One” premiered on June 28, 2019, followed by the second season on December 6, 2019. Of course, the show hasn’t kept to this timeline; otherwise, Season 3 and Season 4 would have already been available to view. So, what exactly is the snag?

Season 3 of “The Chosen One” is in limbo right now. The show has not been formally renewed by Netflix, but it has also not been cancelled. As a result, there’s still hope for “The Chosen One,” and the fact that Season 2 didn’t conclude the plot gives reason to believe that a third season will be in Netflix’s plans at some time. Granted, Netflix has a history of cancelling popular shows unexpectedly, but the fact that “The Chosen One” has yet to be cancelled could imply that the platform is holding off on announcing Season 3 until a better time comes. After all, pandemic films and TV are touchy topics right now.

The Chosen One Season 3 - Latest Update on Release Date, Cast, and Plot!

The production cycle of a show like this normally takes a year once the good news arrives, which should be soon. Season 3 will most likely premiere in summer 2022, based on the streaming platform’s habit of releasing “The Chosen One” seasons in the summer or December.

Who will star in Season 3 of The Chosen One?

There’s no way of knowing who will be in “The Chosen One” Season 3’s cast until it’s announced. If it does happen, Renan Tenca’s charismatic titular character will very certainly return to lead his flock. Paloma Bernardi, Gutto Szuster, and Pedro Caetano are expected to reprise their roles as Lcia Santeiro, Enzo Vergani, and Damio Almeida, the three poor doctors entrusted with unravelling the plot’s tangles, clashing with one another, and possibly vaccinating the people. The villagers’ most notable members are expected to return for Season 3, however, how many of them will survive the season remains to be seen.

The Chosen One Season 3 - Latest Update on Release Date, Cast, and Plot!

That said, “The Chosen One” Season 3 may, for all we know, take place in a vast city following a time jump, with none of the original characters returning. Though it’s unusual, characters have been known to leave the community. Maybe the story may change as well.

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What happens in season three of The Chosen One?

“The Chosen One” is about a fight between doctors who are trying to finish their task of vaccinating the villagers against a dangerous strain of the Zika virus and the Chosen One, a weird and increasingly unsettling spiritual healer. Because the show’s numerous overlapping mysteries are comparable to those of “Lost,” it’s definitely best to see the first two seasons before getting on board the upcoming Season 3.

The Chosen One Season 3 - Latest Update on Release Date, Cast, and Plot!

Practically anything about the show’s plot at this point would be a spoiler, so let’s just say that by the end of Season 2, almost every important character — including the Chosen One himself — is in precarious situations in their own ways. Season 3 should hopefully begin soon after the events of Season 2 because anything could happen at this time. If the first two seasons are any indication, not much will be pleasant.