The team’s fate was placed in the hands of two little girls in the season 2 finale of Doom Patrol, which made things heated.

The first season of the DC Comics adaptation, developed for television by former Supernatural showrunner Jeremy Carver, wove the tragic pasts and present of super-powered outcasts — Jane (Diane Guerrero), Rita Farr (April Bowlby), Vic Stone (Joivan Wade), Larry Trainor (Matt Bomer and Matthew Zuk), Cliff Steele (Brendan Fraser and Riley Shanahan), and Niles Colder, also known as the Chief (Timothy

Season 2 of the series, however, sees the Doom Patrol’s foul-mouthed robot, gelatinous and insecure former Hollywood starlet, half-man half-deadly-machine, a former pilot and current shell for sentient negative energy, and girl with 64 gifted personalities emotionally spin out, following the season 1 reveal that the Chief was behind almost everyone’s abilities and the devastating conditions that birthed them.

DOOM PATROL Season 2 Ending Explained

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The Doom Patrol, bitter and resentful of their former commander, set out to restore their identities and deal with their personal problems by confronting their pasts and first families head-on. Most encounter a variety of problems, ranging from rejection to near-death experiences, and frequently return to the house with more concerns than when they first arrived. In the meantime, the Chief welcomes Dorothy Spinner, his half-human daughter, to the squad (Abigail Shapiro). Dorothy’s astonishing and hazardous ability to literally summon the substance of her dreams and nightmares is exposed shortly after her arrival. Worse, she isn’t particularly skilled at managing it.

The Candlemaker – a terrible thing stowed away inside Dorothy’s brain — emerges to end the world in the ninth and final episode of the second season, “Wax Patrol,” as a result of Niles’ poor parenting. Join us as we dissect Doom Patrol Season 2’s conclusion.

The Doom Patrol is dealing with childhood traumas of their own.

The Ending Of Doom Patrol Season 2 - All You Should Know

Despite the fact that Doom Patrol is about a superhero team, several of the members of the crew went on solo missions in season two. Everyone re-teams in episode 9 to help the Chief halt whatever is attempting to escape Dorothy. Throughout the season, the father-daughter team has been striving to capture the ancient, enigmatic, and frightening thing — but it isn’t until the team arrives at a carnival where Dorothy and the Chief were last that the whole nature of what they were up against becomes obvious.

The Candlemaker (voiced by Lex Lang) has covered the entire festival grounds in wax after being freed from Dorothy’s mind now that she’s “no longer a child.” The Candlemaker has conjured up their childhood imagined pals, which it utilizes as bait before turning the mental illusions on their creators, for those who have managed to escape the fast-drying casket.

Before Jane, the truth about the main character

Jane is the lone team member remaining to survive after the majority of the team has been wiped off. Jane’s main war lies within a dark well in her mind that appears to have regenerated a suicidal personality named Miranda, despite the battle occurring outside her mind.

The Ending Of Doom Patrol Season 2 - All You Should Know

The dominant figure has seemingly re-emerged from a well earlier in the season to assume her rightful role as the primary caregiver for the young girl Kay, whom Jane and the other personalities were created to protect. Jane has been wary of her outward look, citing her deceptive and hidden personality. However, in the Doom Patrol season 2 conclusion, we learn how Miranda died — and, even more startling, that she’s still dead, despite what Jane sees.

Jane can see how Kay’s old primary personality ended up meeting her fate when Miranda shoved her into the mental wellness of Kay’s trauma. Miranda was the first to intervene to safeguard Kay, but she became involved with an abusive man and lost sight of her mission. As a result of this, Miranda was demoted from her position in the system by the other personalities. Jane saves the day, while Miranda throws herself down a well in the girl’s thoughts. When Miranda reappears after years, Jane and the other personalities presume she survived the fall, but as Kay discovers, the entity who reappears is not Miranda.

Jane’s “stop” has been sealed up as the young child navigates her mind’s “Underground” subway tunnels. She comes face-to-face with Miranda as she turns around to continue her hunt. “You’re not Miranda, are you?” Kay asks, and whoever — or whatever — appears to be Miranda shakes their head “no.”

On her own, Dorothy faces the Candlemaker’s fire.

Dorothy is fighting a battle of her own outside Jane’s thoughts. The time has come to confront the Candlemaker and her coming of age, despite her earlier attempts to hide from her mind. Niles is concerned that his daughter may perish if she confronts the monster. However, the young girl’s meta-human mother emerges in the form of an apparition, encouraging her daughter to fight and maintain her ground.

The Ending Of Doom Patrol Season 2 - All You Should Know

Dorothy has spent much of her life hidden within her own upbringing in a protective bubble. Niles’ fears about Dorothy’s abilities and potential led him to first imprison her on Danny, a magical sentient street, and then to imprison her in his mansion once it came apart. Dorothy, on the other hand, has never been able to control the Chief, and she has never been able to control herself.

It’s becoming increasingly evident that she is the only one who can stop the Candlemaker, which means she’ll have to dress up and use her imagination to combat something much older and presumably more powerful than herself. Dorothy’s mother lends her a firearm while Niles begs her not to step into the fire and confront the dreadful monster. She creates her own instead of accepting it. She marches towards the blazing embers of a bonfire shortly after, but the Candlemaker’s huge hand captures her and they vanish.

The season 2 ending of Doom Patrol wasn’t supposed to be that abrupt.

This wasn’t Doom Patrol’s original planned ending, which makes for a dramatic cliffhanger. The DC Comics show received a 10-episode order when it was renewed for a second season, and it aired on DC Universe and HBO Max weekly. However, just nine episodes were released, with “Wax Patrol” ending the emotional and action-packed season abruptly.

The Ending Of Doom Patrol Season 2 - All You Should Know

The fact that Doom Patrol’s second run was cut short by a single-story was subsequently revealed to be owing to Hollywood’s closure due to the coronavirus outbreak. While the writers had envisioned a more conclusive conclusion, showrunner Carver and the rest of the team were obliged to come up with a different ending due to the threat of production shut down.

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“We were able to do a bit of a pivot and make sure that episode 9 would be just as fulfilling of a season finale as if we had gone on to episode 10,” Carver told TV Line. “There were maybe a few more loose ends than if we’d gone all the way to episode 10, but we were extremely pleased with how we were able to frame it to give us a satisfying finale to the season.”

Unfortunately, Doom Patrol has yet to be renewed for a third season, which means that, despite Carver’s best efforts, that heartbreaking cliffhanger may be the show’s final chapter. “There’s plenty there to satisfy folks,” the showrunner said, but he and the rest of the Doom Patrol team still have more stories to tell.

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