The career of filmmaker Denis Villeneuve has taken off when he released “Enemy.” In addition to “Sicario,” “Arrival,” and “Blade Runner 2049,” he will release “Dune” later in 2021. However, at the time “Enemy” was published, Villeneuve was less well-known, and viewers were less certain of what to anticipate from his distinct genre style.

However, Villeneuve’s vision for the look and feel of his movies is evident even in “Enemy.” The movie’s finale would leave even those who watched it carefully perplexed. It was loosely adapted from José Saramago’s short tale “The Double.” In a career full of occasionally complex films, “Enemy” stands out for its metaphorical usage and the sudden and mildly unsettling way it ends.

Enemy (2013) – Ending scene (Tarantula)

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Here is an explanation of “Enemy’s” conclusion.

Two Jake Gyllenhaals are followed by an enemy

We first meet Adam Bell (Jake Gyllenhaal), a history teacher from Toronto who just appears really depressed, at the opening of “Enemy.” He has a girlfriend named Mary, who is portrayed by Melanie Laurent, and he appears to be going through life while asleep. However, Adam eventually learns that Anthony Clare, who is also portrayed by Gyllenhaal, is his doppelganger.

Adam appears to be leading a much happier life than Anthony, who has a pregnant wife called Helen (Sarah Gadon). Anthony reaches out to Adam, thinking that they should get together, and initially Adam resists. But eventually, he has a change of heart, and they finally cross paths.

The two then engage in sexual activity after Anthony persuades Adam to let him take Mary on a romantic trip. Following that, Adam visits Anthony’s apartment and has a sexual encounter with Helen, who is aware that Adam is not her husband. After Mary learns Anthony is not Adam, the two start a huge argument. They return from their romantic holiday, but on the way home, a vehicle accident claims their lives. Then, when Adam goes back to Anthony’s flat, he finds Helen turned into a huge spider. Thus, yes.

Why are there so many spiders?

Although Helen’s metamorphosis is unsettling, it isn’t the first time a spider appears in the film. Early on in the film, there is a scene when we see either Adam or Anthony in a sex dungeon with spiders all about. Additionally, there are a few dream scenes with spiders, one of which has a huge spider flying over Toronto. The arachnids might be considered a dominant visual theme.

The film “Enemy” has a science fiction theme, but its most peculiar element is the spider imagery, which also seems to link the movie to traditional notions of femininity. Because of the Greek story that describes their beginnings, spiders are particularly feminine, deadly, terrifying, and frightful. After cheating on her spouse (and after her husband had strayed on her), Helen turns into a spider, suggesting that Adam is still unable to perceive women as whole individuals. He has no ability to regard Helen as anything other than a holy mother figure or a worthless sex object because his connection with Mary was exclusively sexual.

The names of the female protagonists in the movie, Mary, the mother of Christ, and Helen, the adulterous possessor of the face that launched a thousand ships, reflect this interpretation. Both of these women aren’t entire individuals in Adam’s eyes, and judging by Helen’s metamorphosis into a spider, he no longer sees her as anything more than another sex object.

Adam and Anthony’s origins are unknown.

Even while the spiders are perhaps the “Enemy” movie’s most evident unsolved mystery, the film also doesn’t offer any firm explanations for Adam and Anthony’s origins. We realize that they are truly two different persons because of a crucial incident in which Mary observes a mark left by Anthony’s wedding band. Since Adam doesn’t wear a wedding band, he does not have the mark.

Buckle up because the following bit is strange: The fact that they are distinct individuals in the film’s present doesn’t always imply that they were always distinct persons. Their identical chest scars indicate that they may have had the same injury when they were younger. We must now turn to the Bible. According to the Bible, God made Eve from one of Adam’s ribs. Anthony could have been created from Adam, who shares his name with the first guy, based on the similarities between their scars.

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Following Anthony’s creation, the two had separate lives and underwent personality development. They may have the same mother as well. While Adam visits his mother (Isabella Rosellini), she mistakenly thinks Anthony enjoys blueberries when in fact Adam does. She also makes mention of his wonderful apartment (Adam’s place isn’t great; Anthony’s is), as well as his acting profession (Anthony is an actor; Adam isn’t). Adam’s mother may be both Anthony and Adam’s mother because she appears to have mixed up the two.

We don’t receive a clear explanation for the duplicates, and it may just be an instance of eerie doubling, a common literary device, but if you’re seeking some closure, the biblical interpretation is just as persuasive as any other.

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