“Manifest” is an NBC supernatural series that will appeal to fans of “Lost” and those who like programmes with more twists than a bag of pretzels.

The series follows a group of passengers from an airline aircraft that went missing for five and a half years before reappearing without notice. When the passengers from Flight 828 return, they begin to have visions and premonitions about the future, implying that their absence was due to a supernatural and probably divine source.

They’re also attempting to start up where they left off nearly six years ago in their lives.

In the Season 3 finale, everyone suffered major repercussions as a result of the hunt for answers. Angelina, a Flight 828 passenger, was rescued by Michaela, a detective, after her fanatical and overprotective parents had her trapped inside their home.

However, after Angelina’s rescue, she became involved with a gang of doomsday preppers who think Ben is a forerunner of the apocalypse. Angelina Jolie abducted Ben and Grace’s daughter Eden in the Season 3 finale, thinking Eden to be her guardian angel. Then she stabbed Grace to death and took the baby with her.

Fans of “Manifest” will be disappointed to learn that the show will be cancelled by NBC on June 14, 2021. Season 3 concluded on a number of cliffhangers, and unless “Manifest” finds a new home, those cliffhangers are likely to be left unanswered. As a result, some of the most pressing concerns raised in the Season 3 finale may never be answered.

Here’s what the remainder of the Season 3 finale means in real life.

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For Ben, the Season 3 finale shows him what he’s really up against

There are two major developments in the Season 3 finale. The first is, of course, Grace’s death.

Manifest” is a fantasy supernatural show. For many, the mysterious disappearance and return of Flight 828 is a holy experience. Ben Stone, on the other hand, is a sceptical college professor who relies on science to find solutions. Ben’s wife’s death is a wake-up call that he’s up against forces (and people) that are much more deadly than he ever imagined.

Keep in mind that Grace’s assassin, Angelina, was a fellow airline passenger. Angelina became a religious fanatic — partially because of her overprotective parents, and partly because of the influence of other religious zealots she encounters — as a result of their trauma. Angelina is so certain that Eden is her guardian angel that she is prepared to assassinate someone who isn’t her guardian angel.

“Manifest” was sold to NBC with six seasons fully planned by showrunner Jeff Rake. In an interview with TV Line, Rake said that Grace’s death was always planned at this point in the programme.

Grace’s death occurs right in the middle of the whole series. If “Manifest” is renewed, Grace’s death is likely to push Ben to become more active in dealing with zealots — and potentially to become a little fanatical in the process.

As if he didn’t have enough to worry about already.

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There’s probably a divine plan, but we may never know what it is

The Ending Of Manifest Season 3

The second abrupt disappearance and return of Ben’s son Cal is another important plot point in the Season 3 finale. Ben was the leader of a study team that retrieved Flight 828’s tailfin. Cal vanished as soon as he reached the tailfin. Cal resurfaced, albeit as an adult when Ben returned the debris to the water.

The most apparent reason is that Ben’s tampering with the aircraft debris accelerated Cal’s ageing process.

That would imply that the plane is supposed to be at the bottom of the ocean, implying that there is a divine plan at work here. So, what’s the game plan here?

Even if there is a divine purpose, there remain a slew of unanswered questions. One thing is certain: Flight 828’s disappearance had an impact.

The return of Flight 828 has so far had the greatest impact of giving roughly 200 individuals forebodings. If there is a divine design, the plane’s crash is most likely due to it.

It’s less evident why the Earth need over 200 prophets. It’s more than likely related to the cultist belief that Ben is a modern-day Noah. Noah, according to one version of the Bible tale, assisted in the cause of the Great Flood because he despised humans. The episode ran out of time to explain why everyone is having premonitions or why Cal has grown older.

However, because Season 3 revealed the idea of imminent Armageddon – even if it was merely a cultist belief at the time – our best hypothesis as to why Flight 828 vanished is to give the passengers precognitive skills that they may use to rescue the world.

We’ll probably never know until “Manifest” finds a new home.

Manifest Season 3 Trailer

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