Although Hollywood has become accustomed to seeing dragons in fantasy films, they rarely seem or sound as in Raya and the Last Dragon, a vivid fantasy that draws on Southeast Asian culture and symbolism to bring an epic tale to life. In the Kumandra universe, where Raya is situated, humans and dragons formerly coexisted, but when the terrifying Druun spirits attacked them, the dragons gave their lives to rescue humanity and the planet.

Hundreds of years later, when the Druun reappears, the fearsome tribal warrior Raya goes off in search of the last remaining dragon, who is said to possess the ability to wipe them all. However, Sisu (played by Crazy Rich Asians star Awkwafina) is very different from what she had anticipated. In order to finally put an end to the Druun, the doubtful, pessimistic Raya must learn to believe in people with the aid of the endlessly hopeful dragon. Here’s how forgiveness and trust contributed to the film’s exciting conclusion.

Raya and The Last Dragon (2021) 

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Relationships, trust, and treachery are the main themes in Raya and the Last Dragon.

The creative team behind Raya and the Last Dragon knew from the start that themes of forgiveness and trust would play a significant role in the plot. According to Polygon, the screenwriters wanted to challenge the conventional storyline of Raya and Sisu acting as their own heroes. The protagonists, both friends, and foes, must cooperate to stop the Druun in a gratifying twist that is unusual for a Disney film. Sisu, who throughout the film is open and honest with others, sets the world on this route of forgiveness.

Sisu convinces Raya to meet with Naamari and beg her for the final orb piece as opposed to taking it from her. Sisu is shot by arrows and falls into the river as a result of Naamari’s threats, which were influenced by her paranoid mother. The Druun attack the Fang tribe as the final dragon’s magic appears to have vanished and the orb is still in parts.

The Ending Of Raya And The Last Dragon - EXPLAINED!

The conclusion of Raya and the Last Dragon demonstrates that the future is not certain.

Raya reaches the Fang area and fights Naamari as the Druun invades at the conclusion of Raya and the Last Dragon. The Heart warrior is about to slay her when he decides against it after observing her sincere regret and anguish. Raya resolves to forgive and comprehend her foe after spending time with Sisu, which has changed her. Soon Raya and Naamari will team up with Raya’s pals to save the Fang people from the looming danger.

Raya urges her followers to aid in putting the orb’s fragments back together while she is surrounded by Druun. When the gang decides not to cooperate with Naamari, trust and forgiveness play vital parts in the story once more. Raya offers Naamari a chunk of her own orb out of goodwill before the Druun eats her up. Before Naamari finally reassembles the sphere and traps the bad spirits, the rest are inspired and follow suit.

The Ending Of Raya And The Last Dragon - EXPLAINED!

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After the Druun is destroyed, the dragons and everyone else who was petrified are finally restored back to life. Sisu praises Raya for helping him rediscover faith in other people. The clans and dragons of Kumandra have at last gathered to celebrate unification after 500 years. The producers discussed whether Sisu and other dragons would appear in the climactic sequences, but they had always planned for the human characters to cooperate in the resolution. “The answer is already here. We need to develop mutual trust and work together “producer Osnat Shurer stated (according to Polygon).

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