The Ending Of The Martian - EXPLAINED!

The Martian, a 2015 thriller directed by Ridley Scott, is a rare science fiction classic that doesn’t require scary aliens or far-future technology to tell an interesting narrative while also teaching us something about ourselves. The titular “Martian” is really Mark Watney (Matt Damon), an American astronaut who becomes trapped on Mars and must rely on humanity’s (and his fellow astronauts’) attempts to return him to Earth.

The Martian has been a popular narrative over the past decade, based on Andy Weir’s 2011 novel. On the surface, it appears to be a simple survival narrative about a modern-day “what if” situation. Few of us will ever find ourselves in a predicament like Watney’s, and even if we did, most of us lack the knowledge required to pull ourselves out. Anyone involved in the space program is, by definition, special.

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But, beyond the surface, the narrative (and its tear-jerking conclusion) conveys a larger, more positive message about humanity and what we’re capable of — something that’s especially important to remember these days. Here’s how the movie ended in detail.

To rescue Watney in The Martian, the astronauts had to rely on their own ingenuity.

It seemed hopeless when Watney is stuck on Mars. His lone refuge is a rotting structure that was never intended to be used indefinitely. He is without food, communication with Earth, and vehicles capable of breaching the planet’s atmosphere. However, as the video develops, viewers discover that Watney has everything he requires: astronaut excrement is turned into potato fertilizer, and an earlier Mars rover from a previous trip is used to send signals home. He begins to use all of these resources, with a little ingenuity, as a method of assisting him in his return to Earth.

Watney, on the other hand, isn’t the only one who thinks beyond the box. Many NASA employees and former Hermes crew members work together to figure out how to send him back to Earth once he contacts them about his position on Mars. Even after the Hermes ship returns to pick up Watney despite running out of fuel, a NASA engineer (Donald Glover) learns how to slingshot the ship back to Mars using Earth’s gravity. Watney and his hardworking crew mates made it back to Earth safely in the end.

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The Martian is set on a planet (or worlds) that is technologically sophisticated. We can currently only send robots to Mars, with human-piloted trips taking at least a decade. However, when Watney is trapped millions of miles from home, it is old-fashioned human resourcefulness that saves him. We may not yet be able to travel to Mars, but as the video demonstrates, we do have the most crucial instrument of all: our creativity. Who knows where we’ll end up as a result of this?