Exorcism is one of the more well-established horror movie clichés there is. Although “The Exorcist” may be the most well-known instance of this type of tale, there are numerous more strewn across Hollywood history, many of which aren’t quite as fantastic as that movie.

The plot of “The Seventh Day” blends the traditional interaction between a teacher and their student with elements from tales like “The Exorcist.” In the movie, Father Peter (Guy Pearce), an expert exorcist, works alongside Father Daniel (Vadhir Derbez) to execute an exorcism on Charlie (Brady Jenness), a little child who has murdered his whole family. The majority of the early portion of the film focuses on how much Daniel still needs to learn from his mentor as it follows the two of them as they conduct tests to see whether Charlie is indeed possessed.

The Seventh Day – Official Trailer

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The movie debuted on Netflix in March 2021, and in the months that have passed since then, viewers have gradually come upon it there. As it has spread over the platform, people have been trying to come to terms with “The Seventh Day’s” finale, which fundamentally undermines the entire concept.

The entire time, Father Peter was possessed.

Father Peter and Father Daniel take Charlie to a police station where he begins a killing rampage as they continue to exorcise him. In the end, Peter and Daniel are able to flee with Charlie without being killed, but Peter defers to Daniel to carry out the exorcism. Daniel starts to execute an exorcism on his mentor after realizing that Peter is truly the one who has been possessed.

Peter responds by fighting back, but Daniel responds by stabbing Peter in the neck with a pectoral cross. This murder fits with the movie’s opening sequence, which takes place 25 years earlier and shows a young Peter seeing his own mentor being killed by a possessed youngster in a similar way. The devil that was living inside Peter tries to control Daniel after he is stabbed, but Daniel is finally able to fend it off and escape.

In the climactic scenes of the movie, Daniel receives Peter’s case papers from the archbishop (Stephen Lang). These demonstrate that in 1995, Peter was in fact possessed by a demon. Since that time, every priest who served under Peter has been possessed by a demon, resulting in the growth of a vast network of demonic priests. The first priest who was able to fend off this possession was Daniel.

The film finishes with a mission from Father Daniel.

Father Daniel understands that his work is not yet over at the conclusion of “The Seventh Day.” All the priests in Father Peter’s network who have been infected by his demon require exorcisms, which he must do. The movie’s finale offers an opportunity for a sequel, and depending on how well the first movie does on Netflix, one may be made.

Regardless matter whether a sequel materializes in the future or not, the conclusion implies that the struggle against evil can never be fully won. The priests who were possessed by Daniel’s demon can still transmit their wickedness to new priests who may fall under their tutelage, despite the fact that Daniel may have prevented Peter from expanding the network further.

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In the end, the film suggests that despite his many successes so far, Daniel’s struggle against evil may never truly be won. Daniel cannot sleep because the devil never does.

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