The term “twin films” refers to two films with nearly identical plots that are released within a year or two of each other. “Armageddon” and “Deep Impact,” “Friends With Benefits” “No Strings Attached,” “First Daughter” and “Chasing Liberty” are just a few examples of notable couples. However, it’s not often that two films with the same plot and title be released so close together, but that’s exactly what happened with two films titled “Truth or Dare.”

The most recent version of the film, starring Lucy Hale, Tyler Posey, and Violett Beane, follows a group of college students who are playing a game of truth or dare, only to be confronted by a spirit who threatens to kill them if they fail to complete a task or divulge a horrible secret. However, a Syfy original film beat Blumhouse to the punch, as the 2017 made-for-television “Truth or Dare” follows a group of college students playing a game of truth or dare… only for a spirit to unleash deadly consequences if they fail to complete a task or expose a hidden secret.

Truth or Dare (2017) Ending Explained

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Horror films aren’t known for their unambiguous endings, so you might have some doubts after watching the 2017 version on Netflix or Syfy (if you have cable). Here’s what we learned from the 2017 episode “Truth or Dare.”

It’s a lifesaver to share the ultimate dare.

Only two of the eight companions who start the game survive. Alex (Cassie Scerbo) and Maddie (Brytni Sarpy) try to travel to the hospital to get their wounds treated after the second-to-last dare, which required them to cut off various body parts. They might believe they’re safe, but Alex’s final dare is revealed by the GPS on the automobile. “Kill her,” reads the message, indicating that the spirit wishes Maddie dead. It’s a stressful scene, especially because Maddie was forced to expose her affair with Alex’s boyfriend earlier in the film. Alex, much to her amazement, refuses to kill her.

The Ending Of Truth Or Dare 2017 - EXPLAINED!

People can make it out alive by “spreading the dare,” which runs throughout the film.

When Tyler is given the challenge of drinking poison, everyone consumes a small amount before vomiting it up, making it safer.

Finally, the buddies share one last dare, which results in Alex crashing his car into a tree. The screen goes black immediately, but if you view the movie with the subtitles on, you’ll notice that both women are gasping for oxygen. That means they both escaped a terrible fate by surviving the crash.

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Thankfully, the third round has come to a conclusion, and Alex and Maddie have earned the honor of being the final females, never to play truth or dare again. They’ll join Donna Boone (Heather Langenkamp), a survivor of one of these bizarre games in the 1980s. It only goes to show that it’s always better, to be honest with your friends than to keep secrets that could destroy you.

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