“Two Distant Strangers” has attracted a lot of interest on Netflix since it was named an Oscar winner. In the short film, which Travon Free and Martin Desmond Roe directed, Joey BadAss plays a young black man called Carter James who lives in New York City and is attempting to find his dog after going on a first date. On his way home, he is accosted by Merk (Andrew Howard), a police officer, and is ultimately assassinated by the police.

Because of the time loop in the story, despite Carter’s repeated attempts to return home, he is stopped short of his goal by the police. In 99 different encounters with the police, Carter is killed; in one of these encounters, the date’s apartment is raided, but it soon becomes clear that the police are looking in the wrong building.

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Carter approaches Merk, the policeman who has murdered him most frequently after 99 fatalities and lays forth the circumstances in the hopes that the two of them might reach a new understanding. A new understanding might not be feasible, as the movie’s conclusion makes quite obvious.

The conclusion of Two Distant Strangers is really depressing.

Carter explains the time loop to Merk and then proves it to him by foreseeing everything that would happen around them in the closing scenes of “Two Distant Strangers.” Then Carter requests a ride home from Merk. The journey goes well, and when they get to Carter’s place, it appears as if Carter could be in the clear. Merk, though, bursts into a spontaneous wave of applause as Carter turns back and tries to enter his flat.

He compliments Carter on his “performance” and says he recalls the time loops as well, but that he was only having fun when Carter approached him. Carter is subsequently fatally shot by Merk, and blood starts to collect around him in the shape of Africa. When Mark replies, “See you tomorrow, child,” Carter awakens once again and must find a different method to get home safely without getting shot by cops.

The conclusion discusses the cycle of police violence.

The brutality some police officers exhibit toward Black people has reflected in the movie “Two Distant Strangersclimactic “‘s scenes. In an effort to find a common ground with Merk, Carter tries to explain the problem to him in a way that shows sympathy. Merk, however, rejects that appeal and decides to continue the cycle of racialized police brutality despite the fact that he no longer has a pretended justification for doing so.

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It’s a depressing conclusion, but it also leaves readers without any simple solutions for the issue of police brutality in America. Rather, it appears to imply that the brutality was at least somewhat planned.

Because of the shocking brutality and cruelty it portrays, the idea of “Two Distant Strangers” has drawn criticism. Some people find the movie upsetting, and many claims it doesn’t convey anything novel about the issue of police violence.

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