If you like soapy telenovelas, you could be binge-watching “The Five Juanas” on Netflix this week after it premiered on October 6. The 18-part series features all of the melodrama and kitsch that comes with the genre, such as stylized images, romantic turmoil, sensual sex scenes, and a mystery thriller vibe. Originally titled “La Venganza de las Juanas,” the show is based on Bernardo Romero Pereiro’s 1997 Colombian drama.

In its story about five ladies who are all in the same hotel at the same time, have the same name, and turn out to have the same birthmark, the show focuses on the concept of fate.

The Five Juanas season 2 release date updates: Will there be another season?

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Clearly, their pasts are intertwined, and as they learn more about what that implies, they find themselves in the crosshairs of a politician who sees this new information as a danger. Allow all the butt shots and unexpected twists to transform this into a tawdry, guilty pleasure of epic proportions.

If you’re a fan of “The Five Juanas,” you’re probably wondering when you’ll be able to see more of it. Will there be a second season on Netflix? So far, here’s what we know.

When will Season 2 of The Five Juanas be released?

The Five Juanas Season 2 - All We Need to Know in 2022

Even “Bridgerton,” considered Netflix’s biggest show to date (via CNet), didn’t get a renewal until more than three weeks after its December 25, 2020 premiere. The K-drama “The Squid Game” appears to be on track to break that mark, but while Season 2 has been discussed (via Vulture), it has yet to be officially renewed three weeks after its premiere.

Netflix’s decision-making process for which series stay and which ones go is notoriously opaque.

Netflix has given some information on how it makes these decisions throughout the years – according to Wired, it measures viewership vs the cost of renewing, specifically how many people watch a full season in the first seven days and first 28 days.

The Five Juanas Season 2 - All We Need to Know in 2022

So we won’t know whether “The Five Juanas” will be revived or not for a while. Telenovelas are notorious for having quick production turnarounds and airing relatively close to the conclusion of filming (via Variety), but it’s unknown whether this will be the case with the Netflix-branded series, as it doesn’t have the same fast-paced scheduling constraints. So, if it does give Season 2 the go light, we won’t know how long it will take.

Who will be in Season 2 of The Five Juanas?

Zuria Vega, Juanita Arias, Sofia Engberg, Oka Giner, and Renata Notni play the five distinct Juanas. One is a stripper, one is a singer, one is a clairvoyant, one is a nun, and one is a journalist, so you can picture the dynamics within this oddball bunch. Because they’re all listed in the show’s title — along with their love interests, relatives, and other supporting characters — a second season would almost certainly bring them all back for another conspiracy-laden drama.

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Carlos Ponce played Simón Marroqun in Season 1, however, based on the show’s events, he is unlikely to return. Meanwhile, because the first season hinted at the existence of a sixth Juana, a second season would almost certainly introduce additional people to the mix, resulting in even more outrageous drama, which is exactly what you’d expect from a telenovela.

Ricky Del Real as Daniel, Fernando Becerril as Rogelio, Jorge Antonio Guerrero as Lorenzo, Iván Amozurrutia as Federico, Pablo Astiazarán as Camilo, and Verónica Merchant as Susana are among the Season 1 cast members who may return.

What is the plot of Season 2 of The Five Juanas?

The first season of “The Five Juanas” ended on a happy note, with the five women celebrating with their families. Nonetheless, the last scene, which revealed the presence of a second Juana with the fish-shaped birthmark, portends an interesting sequel. Things could get out of hand quickly if the Juanas find more than one. Other aspects of the narrative that have been left unresolved, such as Federico and Juana Valentino’s recently discovered family ties, could be explored further.

The Five Juanas Season 2 - All We Need to Know in 2022
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Of course, a telenovela series will always strive for maximum excitement, even if it might be a little predictable at times, so any projections on the upcoming batch of episodes should be as wild as possible. Unfortunately, without knowing whether or not a second season is in the works, all of this conjecture could be for naught. Fans will have to wait a little longer to see if “The Five Juanas” are lucky in real life.

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