The most recent installment of Microsoft’s huge third-person shooter franchise, “Gears 5”, introduced a tonne of modifications. It was the first game to have campaign elements with an open-world feel. In addition, Kait Diaz was the first playable female character in a main-line game and the first primary playable character whose last name wasn’t Fenix.

In order to defeat the Leviathan, a huge monster, the game’s last objective is to try to fully activate the Hammer of Dawn. Another first, narrative decision is made in “Gears 5” when Kait, Del, and JD see Kait’s mother Reyna, who has fully turned into the Swarm Queen, in the moments leading up to the conclusion.

GEARS 5 – Final Boss and Ending

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Keeping Del

Del and JD are being held by their necks by Reyna, and Kait must decide whether to save one of them or the other. If you decide to save Del, Reyna quickly kills JD by snapping his neck. When the earth starts to give way, JD’s body drops into a gaping hole. Following a brief scene when Del and Kait grieve together over the loss of their comrade, they reassemble with Marcus Fenix and the others.

Marcus is saddened by his son’s passing and promptly inquires as to his whereabouts. When Fahz arrives with a car to transport the Delta squad to the next site, he begins to joke about it but suddenly stops when he discovers what has transpired and remains silent in shock. At the conclusion of the game, the survivors reunite, and Kait makes a promise to track down Reyna.

The Gears 5 Ending - EXPLAINED!

This conclusion makes the most sense out of the two, as JD’s passing completes the game’s redemption arc for his character. JD takes the decision to fire the Hammer of Dawn without adequate aiming at the conclusion of Act One, resulting in significant collateral damage and separating him from Kait and Del for the majority of the game’s second act.

Here, it is also revealed that he gave the order for soldiers to open fire on a crowd of protesters. He helps Del and Kait through the desert, and they finally manage to maintain their friendship. The arc is concluded by his passing since it both saves Del and allows JD to pass away knowing that he repaired his ties with Kait and Del.

Securing JD

Another course of action would be to sacrifice Del in order to save JD. JD is just as saddened by his friend’s passing as Del was. The outcome of this course is quite identical to rescuing Del, with the exception that Marcus gets to console his kid over the loss of a friend as opposed to losing his entire family. This time, when Fahz shows in, he immediately starts making fun of Del before realizing the situation. With JD in lieu of Del, the outcome finally plays out precisely the same.

The Gears 5 Ending - EXPLAINED!

Given that Del was Kait’s (and the player’s) friend during the whole game, Del’s passing comes across as more sorrowful than JD’s. Del is a terrific friend to Kait throughout the entire process and assists her in learning more about her history. One of Kait’s closest friends passes away, and JD loses his lifelong companion, with whom he had only lately reconnected.

While the changes between the two endings in “Gears 5” are somewhat significant, it does lead to some intriguing tale possibilities. The Coalition has not yet indicated whether the conclusion is canon or even if they intend to choose a canon conclusion. It is conceivable to create a sequel with two distinct sets of sequences and animations depending on who lived, but it would be extremely labor-intensive.

The Gears 5 Ending - EXPLAINED!

Jack’s offering

Jack, the third playable character and an endearing robot who has been there from the beginning of the series, is the other character to perish in the final scene. Baird claims that he is unable to target the Leviathan with the Hammer of Dawn because he can’t acquire a hold on it after many railgun blasts at the monster. Jack overcomes the Hammer of Dawn’s controls, centers the targeting information on himself, and then soars into the Leviathan’s gaping maw. Since Jack is not just his creation but also a longtime buddy, Baird is devastated by this.

The Gears 5 Ending - EXPLAINED!

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This brave act of sacrifice is what finally defeats the Leviathan and saves the day. Since Jack was the second robot to join the Delta squad during “Gears 5,” it appears probable that another robot friend will join the team even if Jack most likely won’t be appearing in the upcoming “Gears” game.

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