Disney’s “John Carter,” based on Edgar Rice Burroughs’ books about a 19th-century soldier stuck on Mars, was supposed to be a major blockbuster smash when it was released a decade ago on March 9, 2012. Andrew Stanton, the director, has worked on Pixar films such as “Finding Nemo” and has a track record in animation. And, before Disney purchased Lucasfilm entirely, the firm thought that the sci-fi property, starring Taylor Kitsch in the titular character, would be their “Star Wars,” spawning a slew of sequels and paraphernalia (via The Wrap).

Instead, poor promotion and the company’s growing disinterest in the finished product created a negative buzz about the picture before it ever came out. “John Carter” eventually grossed $284.1 million, but Disney lost $200 million, making it one of the largest box offices flops ever (via The Los Angeles Times).

“John Carter” was “a problematic movie, but…also endlessly delightful,” according to The Wrap, with a strong visual sense peculiar to a filmmaker who had worked in animation.

The blockbuster action film grew in popularity over time, but Disney lost the rights to the novels in 2014, thus we never saw the sequels to the cliffhanger conclusion of the original.

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Gods of Mars was the title of Stanton’s unfinished sequel.

Andrew Stanton had planned two sequels, dubbed “Gods of Mars” and “Warlord of Mars.” In a retrospective on the first film for The Wrap, the filmmaker disclosed some of his pitch specifics for the sequels, years after they were discarded in the aftermath of the financial calamity wreaked by “John Carter.”

In the sequel, John would have awoken in his burial suit on Mars, where he would have met another Thark as well as his old pal Kantos Kan. (James Purefoy). He also learns that Carthoris, his child with Dejah Thoris (Lynn Collins), has been abducted by the Therns, and Dejah has set out to find him.

“Gods of Mars” would then have followed Carter as he pursued Dejah and Carthoris, as well as revealing more about the Therns’ long-standing domination of Mars. “It all takes place,” Stanton explained, “like ‘Beneath the Globe of the Apes,’ with everyone diving beneath the ground to find out who’s actually been ruling the entire planet.” “There’s been a high-tech race down there. Essentially, a third world has existed on the surface without anybody realizing it, and the first world has been operating the air, water, and everything else to keep the globe running.”

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It’s bad we won’t get to see the sequels because the other performers expressed an interest in returning once they understood where the plot was going. According to Lynn Collins “, He pitched it to us, and it was like, “Oh my God,” which is why it’s so terrible. My goodness.”

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