Conrad (Matt Czuchry) recognises it’s time to say goodbye to Nic in The Resident’s season finale, Bell and Kit celebrate their engagement, and Devon receives an incredible opportunity, but it’s out of state. Mayans M.C. is grieving from a major loss, and they’re contemplating vengeance while also questioning EZ’s leadership. On NBC, Ted Danson’s Neil goes off against Holly Hunter’s Arpi during a recall election in the last season — and series — of Mr. Mayor.

Comedian Carlos Santos explains why he adores the film Peacemaker. Plus, entertainment news and trivia, including new roles for Reba McEntire and Edie Falco, as well as casting news for the Hunger Games prequel’s young Snow.

We Still Have Some Unanswered Questions

Will Billie ever abandon Chastain and Conrad?
Is Devon going to be the Director of The Rare Disease Center in Baltimore?
Will Billie be able to summon the strength to tell Conrad how she truly feels?
Will Padma and AJ’s friendship grow into a relationship now that she’s pregnant?
What will Leela do now that Devon has left and Padma has started a family of her own?
How long will we have to wait for Kit and Randolph’s wedding in Season 6?
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The Resident Season Finale - Everything We Know!

The Resident Season 6: What We Know

Season 6 has been confirmed by Fox, and a release date has been rumoured for the past week. The Resident Season 6 will premiere on Tuesday, September 20, 2022, assuming everything goes according to plan. Season 5 premiered almost exactly a year ago.

The Resident has a devoted following, and it doesn’t just tell about the medical stories of the patients or the relationships and personal lives of the staff; it also tells about the daily battles doctors fight against a corrupted health system that prioritises money and paperwork over the lives of patients.

“I love this guy,” said actor Matt Czuchry, who plays Dr. Conrad Hawkins. I admire his defiance of authority. I admire his commitment to his patients. I enjoy hearing about doctors who are fighting the system.”

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The Resident Season 5 Recap

So much has happened in this tailspin of a season. We lost Nic and Conrad has grown as a father in the years since. Conrad still hasn’t made any definite moves with Cade, but that should all change. We lost Carol this year, but AJ made the decision to donate his sperm to Padma and become a father! Devon and Leela ended things and Devon has a job offer to move to Baltimore. Kit and Randolph became engaged after finding out that Randolph has MS. Billie has decided that she is in love with Conrad.

The Resident Season Finale - Everything We Know!

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The Cast of Residents

Dr. Conrad Hawkins is played by Matt Czuchry.
Nicollette “Nic” Nevin is played by Emily VanCamp (Posthumously)
Dr. Devon Pravesh is played by Manash Dayal.
Dr. AJ Austin is played by Malcolm-Jamal Warner.
Dr. Kit Voss is played by Jane Leeves.
Dr. Billie Sutton is played by Jessica Lucas.
Dr. Leela Devi is played by Anuja Joshi.
Dr. Randolph Bell is played by Bruce Greenwood.
Shaunette Dr. Mina Okafor is played by Renee Wilson.
Joey Costa is played by Davi Santos.
Tina Kingsley is played by Victoria Rowell.
Nurse Marium Carvell Remington, Donna Williams Gigi Hawkins is played by Blaire Evans.

Trailer of Resident Finale

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