The Walking Dead 'Home Sweet Home' - Ending

The Whisperer War may have ended, but the release of The Walking Dead’s six bonus season 10 episodes proves that even in the apocalypse, new threats are constantly lurking around the corner.

The new episode, titled “Home Sweet Home,” premiered on AMC+ on Sunday, February 21, 2021, a full week before its cable premiere on February 28. It takes up after the horrific season 10B conclusion and spends no time answering some outstanding concerns. Long-time Walking Dead fans will be pleased to learn that not only is this new episode centered on Maggie Rhee, but Lauren Cohan is also named as the main cast member.

“Home Sweet Home” is a 41-minute film with a lot of action and exposition. Viewers will learn more about Maggie’s activities after her departure from the show in season 9, as well as have a better understanding of the scary masked survivor she was seen in the season 10B finale.

The Walking Dead Home Sweet Home Ending Explained

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Maggie’s return to the show brings with her a potential new threat to the Alexandria survivors. That’s not even taking into account the probable ramifications of her arrival for Negan’s (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) position in the community.

Here’s what happened in “Home Sweet Home,” the first bonus episode of The Walking Dead season 10, and what the events and revelations could mean for the future.

Maggie has proven to be a fearless and empathetic leader.

Maggie was welcomed back into the Walking Dead gang in the season 10B finale. Maggie returns with new allies to help quell the danger of the Whisperers after being away since the time leap in the middle of Season 9. The first of six seasons 10 bonus episodes — effectively the season 10C premiere — allowed viewers to catch up with the seasoned character.

Maggie and her son Hershel have been moving from town to community since fleeing Alexandria (Kien Michael Spiller). The rest of the crew she’s now with are hunkered down in a basecamp with little Hershel, so we only meet two of them at the start of the episode.

The Walking Dead 'Home Sweet Home' - Ending

Maggie and her new friends join forces with Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Kelly (Angel Theory) to track down the remainder of the group. Maggie’s courage, compassion, and dedication shine through during this trip, proving that she is a natural leader for this new squad.

Elijah (Okea Eme-Akwari), the heretofore unknown masked survivor we saw in the season 10B finale, is one of her closest friends. Some of the other survivors were disturbed by Elijah’s quiet and menacing demeanor. However, in this episode, we gain some unexpected insight into his personality.

Elijah’s mask conceals something unexpected.

Kelly walks off while she’s meant to be on guard duty as the gang is camping out overnight on their trip to see Maggie’s people. She’s found studying some clothing on a crashed truck nearby the next morning, and Maggie confronts her about her abandoning of the gang. Kelly is still looking for her sister Connie (Lauren Ridloff), who has been missing since season 10 began, according to Daryl. Maggie accepts this excuse and informs Kelly that Elijah had lately lost his sister as well.

The Walking Dead 'Home Sweet Home' - Ending

Kelly thinks Elijah appears to be frozen in terror when the gang is entangled in a risky position later in “Home Sweet Home.” She motions for him to remove his mask. He does, revealing himself to be a young man who appears to be really concerned about the peril they’ve found themselves in. Elijah’s terrifying mask serves as a physical barrier between him and the outer world.

It remains to be seen whether Elijah will grow stronger and more confident as time goes on, which would be beneficial to him and his fellow survivors the next time they’re in trouble, or if the dangers of the world around him will become too much for him to bear, causing him to succumb to fear and possibly leading to a tragic end.

The Walking Dead has seen enough death and destruction over the years, so maybe Elijah’s story arc will be as cheerful and uplifting as a zombie show can get.

The Walking Dead 'Home Sweet Home' - Ending

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Alexandria may face a new peril.

Maggie’s quest to rejoin the rest of her group takes a terrible turn when she arrives at the shelter they’ve been staying at and discovers it has been robbed and burned to the ground. Several bodies have been discovered among the wreckage, but Hershel has not been found. Despite the fact that the attackers are nowhere to be found, Maggie and her supporters seem to know who did it: the Reapers, who Cole (James Devoti) believes have been following them.

Maggie and Daryl defeat the sniper after a skirmish. Maggie presses the man for answers, screaming, “Are you one of them? You came to our house and killed our relatives and family. Why did you do it? We have nothing to do with you!” Instead of answering her questions, the man pulls the pin off a grenade attached to his chest and detonates it.

The Walking Dead 'Home Sweet Home' - Ending

The true purpose of the Reapers is unknown, especially as they have no link to the Walking Dead comics. Given that the sniper was armed with at least two weapons (the gun and the grenade), was dressed in stealthy clothing, and was dressed in tactical gear, it appears that the Reapers’ members may have had military experience prior to the zombie apocalypse.

They could even be offshoots or affiliates of the Commonwealth or the Civil Republic Military. Whatever their origins, it’s evident that the Reapers aren’t some haphazardly put-together group of survivors. They’re well-organized and merciless, and they’ll apparently stop at nothing to achieve their objectives — whatever they are, aside from wiping out “everything in their way,” as Cole puts it.

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We’ll find out if the Reapers will emerge as a new and persistent menace to our heroes in due time, but this isn’t the last we’ll see of them in Season 10.

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