Netflix’s smash series “The Witcher” is somewhat of a magic-and-mayhem-filled dream come true for any fantasy enthusiast looking for a TV franchise to meet their otherworldly entertainment requirements. The series, which centers on the sword-and-sorcery exploits of the show’s eponymous monster-hunting Witcher Geralt of Rivia (Henry Cavill), immerses viewers in a mythic realm teeming with unearthly creatures and rooted in a densely detailed backstory replete with intricately involved social strata, religious lore, politics, and more, immerses viewers in a mythic realm teeming with

With that in mind, keeping all of the moving components of “The Witcher” and its huge other reality organized can be a bit of a challenge at times. Fans might be forgiven for losing track of what’s going on, from mapping the width of the Continent where all the supernatural action and far-flung adventures take place to list the different varieties of horrible creatures lurking about.

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The towering and enigmatic monoliths, which dot the landscape of “The Witcher,” are one such unusual construction that enthusiasts would want to have explained.

The monoliths’ carvings may disclose their purpose.

Monoliths are massive, mysterious columns of volcanic obsidian that appear everywhere from more inhabited portions of the Continent to isolated locales on the plains and in distant mountainous areas, as viewers are familiar with “The Witcher” will surely already know. In a discussion titled “A guide to Monoliths and Magnaliths in the showers” on the r/netflixwitcher subreddit, u/BWPhoenix outlined everything they know so far about these buildings.

According to the Redditor, these structures have influenced the construction of towns and even entire civilizations around and near them. While scholars have long sought to unlock the mystery of the monoliths’ ancient beginnings, no one knows who or what built the soaring stone spires or what their ultimate purpose was.

The Witcher's Monoliths -  Release Date, Cast, and Plot in 2022

The glyphs or engravings on the monoliths may hold the secret to their cryptic nature, as sorcerer-archaeologist Istredd (Royce Pierreson) points out in the episode. “Every symbol across the Continent contains a clue to something,” he stated, adding, “Most are history, but some might be more.” I’d like to investigate the prophecy and the future.”

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While Istredd’s cryptic remarks provide little information, they do appear to hint at a possible explanation for “The Witcher’s” so far enigmatic monoliths. Maybe in Season 3, which Netflix has confirmed is in the works, we’ll discover more about the monoliths and their connection to the past — or future.

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