You can’t talk about CBS’ “Young Sheldon” without someone telling you that it’s essentially a prequel/origin tale for “The Big Bang Theory’s” lead character Sheldon Cooper — trust us, we’ve tried. Someone had the bright notion to scrape all of those moments together and make a successful spinoff after Sheldon drops so many colorful and record-scratching tales about what his family life was like as a youngster throughout the course of “TBBT.” It was a winning tactic that netted the network 16 million live viewers in its first season (according to Deadline).

Young Sheldon Season 1 First Look

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If you were a regular viewer of “TBBT” before the current season, you already knew what was going to happen. You knew Sheldon (Iain Armitage) would have problems making friends and arguing with his professors. You already knew Sheldon’s mother was a fervent Christian who was active in the church. And you knew Sheldon’s father was going to have an affair at some point. Even the most explicit spoilers can’t make seeing how these things happen unwatchable, which is why the Season 5, Episode 11 sequence that went too far for Sheldon’s father, George, had such an impact on viewers.

It’s too much for George when he sees Mary enjoying Pastor Rob’s company.

Mary (Zoe Perry) assists with a church lock-in party for the kids in the episode “A Lock-In, a Weather Girl, and a Disgusting Habit,” while George (Lance Barber) tries to avoid spending time with Brenda (Melissa Peterman). He comes up at the lock-in during his battle and unexpectedly runs into his wife laughing and enjoying a secret cigarette with Pastor Rob (Dan Byrd). Despite the fact that they are plainly not doing anything unlawful, George’s posture suggests that he feels misled. He then continues to flee the scene before anyone notices him.

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On Reddit, fans of the program claim that the authors included that incident — as well as the wider plot of Mary having a crush on Pastor Rob — to explain how George ends up cheating on her. Similarly, social media users are split on how they feel about this turn of events. MajorZombie7204 and Winter-Instance1973 are two of many people who think that no excuse exists for cheating, regardless of the circumstances. TheTopNotchedBrain, on the other hand, praises the writers for giving the couple’s narrative greater depth and subtlety, which more accurately depicts how muddy the grey area of adultery is in real life.