After Travis Barker's Marriage, His Ex-Wife Shanna Moakler auctioned Off His Engagement Ring

Shanna Moakler is moving on from her past. The 47-year-old ex-wife of Travis Barker, who just got married to Kourtney Kardashian, is selling the engagement ring he gave her.

After getting divorced from the Blink-182 drummer 14 years ago, the reality star worked with the company Worthy to sell her 4-carat, round-cut solitaire ring with a diamond-covered band. From 2004 to 2008, she was married to Barker.

Steven Schneider, co-CEO of WORTHY.COM, told PEOPLE, “We don’t know for sure what Shanna plans to do with the money.” “But you can trust that she will use the money to turn memories into new opportunities, as many of our sellers do.”

After Travis Barker Married Kourtney Kardashian, Shanna Moakler auctioned off his engagement ring

Schneider says that Worthy will help Moakler get “the most value for her engagement ring.”

From Friday to Tuesday, the auction will take place. The highest bid right now is over $64,000.

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“Based on the activity we’ve seen so far and the feedback we’re getting from our exclusive network of professional buyers, we’re confident we’ll be able to reach Shanna’s reserve price,” Schneider said.

Moakler’s decision to give up her ring comes just days after Barker, 46, married Kardashian, 43, in an expensive Italian wedding on Sunday. Alabama Barker and Atiana de la Hoya, two of Moakler’s daughters, were bridesmaids at the wedding in Portofino, Italy. Landon Barker, her son, was also there for the wedding.

The musician and The Kardashians star had a legal ceremony in Santa Barbara and a “practice wedding” at the One Love Wedding Chapel in April.

Moakler told PEOPLE in an exclusive statement that she was happy for the couple after their surprise wedding in Las Vegas.

She told them, “Congratulations, you two!” “I wish them all the best as they go through life together.”

After her ex-husband asked Kardashian to marry him, the former Miss USA took some time for herself.

In October 2021, Moakler posted on her Instagram Story, “Temporarily closed for spiritual maintenance.” This seemed to be a response to the engagement.

In May 2021, Moakler posted a video of a tattoo removal session where Barker’s name was lasered off her wrist.

After Travis Barker Married Kourtney Kardashian, Shanna Moakler auctioned off his engagement ring

In the clip, she said, “It’s my ex’s name,” and joked, “Kids, don’t tattoo names on your bodies.”

The model then shared response in the comments section of the post to her “newly found haters.”

“To clarify, since everyone seems to know about my personal life, my ex got a skull tattoo over our initials on his hand while his new girlfriend looked on lovingly,” she wrote, referring to the photos Barker posted that showed Kourtney Kardashian sitting by his side as he got a skull and crossbones tattoo on his right hand.

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“That was done on purpose, and so were the posts that tried to make me feel bad about being happy with my new boyfriend. Again, strange, “she said.

In October, the large scorpion tattoo covered up an old heart tattoo that had his ex-name wife’s inside it.

Barker’s tattoo artist, Scott Campbell, posted a picture of the final designs he made for the rocker, which include Kim Kardashian’s lips and a huge scorpion on his left arm.

“Season of Scorpio. On @travisbarker … Straight from Kourtney Kardashian’s lips Congratulations, “at the time, the tattoo artist wrote.

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