Warzone Season 3 - Release Date, Trailer And More!

The third season of Warzone, Classified Arms, is slated to introduce a number of new features to the combat royale, but when will they be available?

With so much new content planned for Season 3, it’s safe to assume that Warzone fans throughout the world are eagerly awaiting it.

As a result of Operation Monarch’s King Kong and Godzilla event, new weapons, POIs, and substantial balancing adjustments have been added to Classified Arms, as well as new POIs on Caldera.

Given this, it’s vital that you start working on the upgrade as soon as feasible. You’ll be able to level up faster and gain an advantage over your opponents with the new Battle Pass.

Warzone Season 3 - Release Date, Trailer And More!

To achieve this, make sure you know when the Warzone Season 3 update will be available. We’ve got your back.

Despite the fact that everyone in the trailer is well-known for something, it’s feasible that some viewers will not recognise several of the characters based only on the trailer. Because Call of Duty players range in age, it’s likely that they are unaware of a celebrity who came to renown outside of their generation.

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When Will Warzone Pacific Season 3 Be Released?

On April 27th, Warzone Pacific: Season 3 will be released for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Some speculated that the new season might be delayed after Season 2 was postponed, but it appears that it will air this week as planned.

What divides Operation Monarch from other similar projects?
Operation Monarch, a one-time event starring Godzilla and Kong, will premiere on May 11th (yes, really). The new Caldera map alterations are certainly tied to the event, but there has been no more information released.

There’s a fair probability the two iconic monsters will collide, but no one knows who will play which role.

Changes To The Map In Season 3 Of Warzone Pacific

A new attraction is coming to Caldera. Large serpentine creature heads and other skeletal remains have been discovered at the dig site. You’ll locate the scavenger shelter you’re looking for between the Mine and the Ruins.

Extracted bones will serve as cover and vantage positions, as well as a means of looting for supplies and equipment in neighbouring tents.

Warzone Season 3 - Release Date, Trailer And More!

In addition, the defences atop the Peak have been completed, and the Runway will be revamped with new barracks and hangars to explore. The Hold, another Gulag, can be located on a ship off the coast of Caldera. The lighthouse will also be reached via the Lagoon.

Season 3 Of Warzone Pacific Weapons & Guns

The Season 3 roadmap has revealed all of the new weaponry and guns that will be included in Season 3. That’s all of them.

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The M1916 is a military vehicle that was designed in 1916. (Marksman Rifle)
Jet (Melee Weapon) Nikita (Assault Rifle) H4 Blixen at the Junkyard (Submachine Gun)

Trailer Of The third season Of Warzone Pacific

On April 13th, the Call of Duty Twitter account posted the first Season 3 cinematic trailer. The teaser introduces new characters and a secret weapon that is likely to have a significant impact on the story’s destiny.