There is considerable space for uncertainty regarding what will happen to Chris Hemsworth’s Steve Abnesti after Spiderhead on Netflix’s dramatic conclusion. Spiderhead is a Netflix adaptation of the George Saunders short story “Escape from Spiderhead,” which was directed by Joseph Kosinski. Spiderhead, starring Chris Hemsworth as Steve Abnesti, a modern jail facility’s administrator who uses inmates as test subjects for his mind-altering research chemicals, also features Miles Teller and Jurnee Smollett in challenging roles.

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The use of experimental drugs by Abnesti, which are given to all prisoners via MobiPak devices, is a significant part of the movie’s narrative. Throughout Spiderhead’s narrative, Jeff and Lizzy are gradually made aware of Abnesti’s malevolent character. When they finally get a chance to go, Abnesti’s MobiPak is compromised, which also happens in the film’s dramatic third act. In the last scene of Spiderhead, Jeff triumphs against Abnesti, who takes a seaplane out of the site after realizing his illicit operations have been discovered.

Abnesti’s judgment is greatly hampered as a result of his MobiPak’s constant infusion of numerous substances. Abnesti loses control of the aircraft and crashes onto an island. Jeff and Lizzy flee on Abnesti’s speedboat as they can watch the jet explode as it hits the island from a distance. If a sequel to Spiderhead is produced, Chris Hemsworth might still play Steve Abnesti because Abnesti’s death isn’t explicitly shown and there is still a chance that he managed to flee the plane before it crashed.

Spiderhead 2: How Steve Might Still Be Alive

Despite the fact that it appears implausible, Abnesti may have mustered the mental fortitude to avoid dying despite being affected by so many experimental drugs. The fact that he regularly used N-40, the drug that caused the crash, may have helped him develop an immunity to its effects, which could also explain his miraculous (and unseen) survival, along with the fact that he had previously demonstrated his ability to resist the drugs during Jeff’s escape attempt, are both factors that could have contributed to his miraculous (and unseen) survival.

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One of the main differences from the Spiderhead novel is Abnesti’s demise. As a result of this narrative division, there is flexibility for imaginative storytelling and the possibility of Chris Hemsworth appearing in a follow-up movie. Abnesti may have been able to carry on his study in another institution if he had survived the accident, given he was attempting to flee with samples of all of his substances. Although Abnesti’s death at the conclusion of Spiderhead is the most likely outcome, it’s still conceivable that he somehow managed to escape and would go on to become an opponent for Jeff and Lizzy in a future Spiderhead 2 after escaping from his facility.

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