What could be more difficult to find than a single program that everyone in your family can enjoy at the same time? I haven’t decided yet. Each of these series has been a big hit with our family of six, and they’re all accessible to watch right now on Netflix.

Put Caillou and Paw Patrol on hold for a while. Here’s to finally be able to watch (and enjoy) television as a family!

Ted Lasso

Ted Lasso, an American college football coach, takes over as head coach of an English soccer club in this comedy set in the United Kingdom. Ted’s optimism and folksy charm impact the play and the lessons gained by his staff, but we particularly like Ted Lasso for modeling good communication and interpersonal dynamics, particularly among the male characters. When Ted and his closest buddy, Coach Beard, sit down to discuss their professional and personal concerns, there’s no sarcasm or machismo in the room—only understanding and support. (Note: due to the few sexual situations, this is best suited for older children and teenagers.)

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The Mysterious Benedict Society

Four gifted orphans join Mr. Benedict on a perilous journey to save the world from The Emergency after winning a scholarship competition. The Disney Plus series, based on Trenton Lee Stewart’s bestselling book series of the same name, is incredibly entertaining and tastefully presented, with a cast of memorable characters (headlined by Tony Hale in dual roles as Mr. Benedict and his twin brother, Dr. Curtain). Is it possible for these four young people to save the world? Let’s see how things go.

Disney+ is streaming it.

Make It Big, Make It Small

This HBO Max series delves into life’s significant moments that leave youngsters speechless. We like the fact that youngsters can learn science and technology while also being encouraged to do their own DIY projects and crafts at home.

HBO Max is available for streaming.


While watching old episodes of Jeopardy on Netflix is a melancholy experience, Alex Trebek’s legacy continues on in one of the most popular family game programs of all time. Even if the kids only say one accurate answer every episode, it doesn’t stop them from moving on. Even elementary school kids are expected to be intrigued.

Netflix is being streamed.

The InBESTigators

This team of little detectives solves major problems like missing turtles and sabotaged dance performances. InBESTigators is a fast-paced Australian mystery series starring 10- and 11-year-old criminal fighters with the same zest as Enola Holmes and a 100% Rotten Tomatoes-likeability rating.

Netflix is being streamed.

James May: Oh Cook!

Try this unique twist on a “cookery show” with an unexpected expert at the helm if you’ve previously watched Nailed It, Sugar Rush, and The Great British Baking Show (all streaming on Netflix). The Grand Tour, a popular automotive show in the United Kingdom, is hosted by James May. Despite his assertion that he “can’t cook,” May works in the kitchen with a steady, albeit foppish, hand, pointing out important facts—some historical, others scientific—along the way. All while moaning and puffing just enough about the behind-the-scenes nonsense that goes into producing a television show.

Amazon Prime is now streaming the film.

The Floor Is Lava

Team members must negotiate lava-filled rooms by leaping from chairs, hanging from drapes, and dangling from chandeliers in this Netflix race against time battle. It’s a thrilling journey that my entire family enjoys, but keep in mind that as the game advances, you may find yourself shrieking at the screen. The Floor is Lava will return to Netflix in 2022 for a second season, according to Netflix.

Netflix is being streamed.

The Pack

This is reality TV at its most family-friendly, a mix of The Amazing Race and The Westminster Dog Show. Every team in the competition is half dog, half adoring human. The competitions take place in spectacular locations (Mexico City, Costa Rica, Los Angeles, and more), but what makes this series so captivating is how much the creatures are adored. Men and women’s best companions, these dogs are. And all of that collaboration might result in a significant financial gain. The grand reward is a whopping $750,000, with $250,000 going to the winner’s preferred animal charity.

Amazon Prime is now streaming the film.


Is he a true psychic or simply very perceptive? From Moonlighting to NCIS, every light-hearted mystery series has lots of humorous banter between the main protagonists as well as a crime that is solved in one episode. You might hear a smidgeon of filthy language now and then, but the vast majority of themes are completely family-friendly.

Amazon Prime is now streaming the film.

Queer Eye

To describe this series revival as “more than a facelift” is akin to describing the ocean as “a touch sloppy.” In each episode, five extremely gifted guys swarm into the life of one worthy man or woman, improving them in every manner possible—and by extension, everyone in their circle. Self-esteem, the mending of previous wounds, and, yes, dazzling new furnishings, hair, and clothing are all important. Everything is always included. To witness a total makeover from the inside out? That is stunning.

Netflix is being streamed.

Just Add Magic

This wholesome series is based on the same-named novel, in which tweens experiment with dishes that have magical implications on everyone in their vicinity. It’s a mystery series that adults and children of all ages may enjoy together. Parents love seeing responsible children onscreen, as opposed to snarky kids backtalking their way through each program. However, it is the wonderful moments in which the children grow as individuals that make the series so enjoyable to watch from beginning to end.

Amazon Prime is now streaming the film.

Instant Hotel

Instant Hotel is an Australian reality program where homeowners compete for the title of greatest short-term rental, following in the footsteps of home repair series such as Fixer Upper (HGTV), Tidying Up with Marie Kondo (Netflix), and Stay Here (Netflix). But there’s a twist: candidates stay in each other’s rental houses for the duration of the program, and their scores are combined with the scores of the show’s two judges. It’s the snarkiest of our suggestions, but it’s still solidly family-friendly, thanks to its terrific characters (and lovely Australian countryside).

Netflix is being streamed.

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Beginning with the melancholy concept of children who have lost their parents, this Neil Patrick Harris-led series is best suited for youngsters aged eight and up. Without any actual violence, the fantastical effects are just terrifying enough to excite. But, in the end, it’s the tenacious youngsters who stick together and save each other that bring this popular book series to life on television. The thrilling adventure of the Baudelaire orphans will delight the entire family throughout three seasons with a slew of surprise cameo appearances along the way.

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Netflix is being streamed.

Secrets of Sulphur Springs

Griffin and his family relocate to the enigmatic Tremont Hotel, despite the fact that the whole town of Sulphur Springs thinks The Tremont is haunted by the spirit of a girl named Savannah, in this gripping series that combines mystery with time travel. The intrigue begins when we learn that Griffin’s father knew Savannah as a child.

Disney+ is streaming it.

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