Where Was Good Witch Actually Filmed

Since its debut in 2015, “Good Witch” has been one of the most popular shows on the Hallmark Channel, and it will wrap up its final season in July 2021. (via The New York Times). Cassie Nightingale (Catherine Bell) and her daughter Grace (Bailee Madison) are both exposed to magical ancestry in the family, and the series, which grew out of the former “The Good Witch” made-for-television movies, chronicles their lives.

Dr. Sam Radford (James Denton) and his son Nick (Rhys Matthew Bond) move down the street from Cassie and Grace in the series, and they meet the magical family soon after. Cassie and Grace immediately learn that Sam and Nick are both troublemakers, as Sam dislikes Cassie and Nick has a rebellious attitude.

Things come to a dramatic conclusion in the series finale. Other characters, such as Adam (Scott Cavalheiro) and Stephanie (Kylie Evans), also find a happy ending, with the two getting married in a magnificent wedding ceremony.

The Good Witch (2008)

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The emotional relationships between the characters in “Good Witch” drew a large number of fans, but it also includes the noteworthy setting of Middleton, which is nearly a character in and of itself. Of course, this is a fictional setting in “Good Witch,” but surely there is a real-life site where the show’s video might be captured?

So, where was the movie “Good Witch” shot? What we know so far is as follows.

Three locations in Ontario were used to film Good Witch.

The crew of “Good Witch” needed to find a location that could ideally depict Middleton’s mysterious essence through the town’s architecture and size in order to convey the mystical nature of the town. Three separate areas in Ontario, Canada, appear to have been the perfect match. The majority of the filming for “Good Witch” took place in Hamilton. Because of the space required to set up a lot of lighting, the cast and crew frequently shot many of the conclusion scenes for each episode on-site at Liuna Station.

Because of the little stores and boutiques on Middleton streets, the town of Dundas, which is just down the road from Hamilton, was used as the filming location for many of the scenes on Middleton streets. It’s also where Cassie’s famed grey mansion can be found (via Toronto Star).

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Cambridge is the show’s third and possibly most crucial filming site, as it houses the exterior architecture for any views of Cassie traveling somewhere during the show. When “Good Witch” was still on the air, the Cambridge city Twitter page did, in fact, tweet out when and where the program would be filming, which would have been cool for tourists but would have gotten old fast for locals.

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If admirers of “Good Witch” want to experience some of Middleton’s magic for themselves, they should travel to Ontario. With a Netflix subscription, “Good Witch” is currently available to watch.

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