Chrishell Stause informed Emma Hernan that Mr. Right may even be a present business associate during a Selling Sunset Season 5 talk regarding her love life. While seeing a new Beverly Hills property, Emma met Micah, a “super-cute” property developer. The Oppenheim Group agent joked after their initial encounter, “Little did I realise that this developer is quite the eye candy himself.” “With clients, I never flirt.” It’s difficult for me not to flirt with Micah, even though I’m always totally business.”

Emma was ready to breach her personal rule after their first date, which included a private tasting and tour of his new mezcal bar and restaurant. “I don’t typically mix business with pleasure,” she explained, “but Micah is an exception.” “I was like, ‘Oh my God,’ after one or two sessions.” He’s not only gorgeous, successful, and self-assured, but we also share a lot of interests… I mean, he’s essentially checking every freaking box.”

A romantic hot tub date hinted at a relationship in Season 5’s finale, which Netflix shot between November and December 2021. After all, they’d made a “bucket list” of destinations they wanted to visit. Micah’s primary residence in Houston, Texas, according to Emma, so they appeared to be taking things carefully. Regarding their relationship status, she stated, “We’ve been hanging out, and I’ve been loving it.” They could perhaps work together on another real estate project in the future.

Their romance has “progressed a little bit” since filming concluded, according to Emma, who told ET on April 22. “There’s something special between me and Micah,” she remarked. “It’s safe to say we’re still having fun with each other.” So far, it doesn’t appear that they’re exclusive, but she teased that the next part of Selling Sunset would offer additional twists: “Perhaps a label or a ring will appear in Season 6.” “Who knows?” says the protagonist.

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Emma‘s ex-boyfriend Peter Cornell, a fellow Oppenheim employee with whom she previously dated Christine Quinn, has been linked to another guy. We decided to break up for a variety of reasons. In December, Emma told Us Weekly, “Obviously, you can never say never in life.”

That’s not good news for Emma and Micah, especially if they’re still dating casually. Emma made no secret of her past online dating woes — or the fact that Ben Affleck messaged her on Raya “just before” their Jennifer Lopez reunion in 2021. (“We have a Boston connection,” she informed Chrishell, before admitting that she respectfully rebuffed his request to “get coffee.”)

Who Is Emma Hernan From Selling Sunset Dating? Everythung We Know!

“On a dating app, it’s difficult to locate a good guy.” In Season 5 of Selling Sunset, she complained, “I mean, there are a lot of f*ck boys here in LA, that’s for darn sure.” “Swipe, swipe, swipe,” says the narrator. It’s almost as if you’re doing a full-fledged workout. It’s as if you’ve been on the Peloton for three days straight by the time you’re looking for a date in LA.”

Emma may be able to put those days behind her if Season 6 brings her a label and/or a ring. The first-ever Selling Sunset reunion, which is coming up soon, might shed some light on the couple’s current situation.

Is Emma Still Dating Peter Cornell?

Peter has a background in professional basketball as well as acting in a few Hollywood films. It’s not surprising that a man like Peter would pique the curiosity of more than one beautiful woman. One of the most common questions now is whether Emma is still involved with him.

Emma and Peter were photographed eating lunch together on Feb. 24, 2022, just three months after Season 4 premiered, as seen in images obtained by E! News. Fans immediately began to question if the couple, who had previously been engaged, had reconciled. Emma has been linked to another man: her ex-boyfriend Peter Cornell, a fellow Oppenheim employee with whom she previously dated Christine Quinn.

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However, a source told Us Weekly in February that Emma and Peter were “not dating,” and that they had just stayed friends after their 2018 separation. Furthermore, the source stated that Emma was unmarried and “enjoying” it, despite the fact that the star of Selling Sunset has previously stated that Cornell may be seeking reconciliation.

“For a variety of reasons, we decided to split up. “Obviously, you can never say never in life,” Emma told Us Weekly in December. “But for now, I’m perhaps dating other people.” “I have no idea what he’s up to, but I believe he’d prefer to end up with me, and he expresses this clearly.” Our friendship, though, is OK at the moment.”

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