New celebrity dating rumours seem to surface every day, as your favourite stars enjoy keeping their fans guessing about their personal lives—but now Keyshia Cole is the latest to be the subject of curiosity, according to her recent social media posts. Keyshia Cole made it obvious on her Instagram stories (via many postings) that she misses her recent musical collaboration Antonio Brown “a lot.”

Antonio Brown said last month that he was working on his first album, “Paradigm,” and that Keyshia Cole will be featured on the project’s first track. They’ve been teasing the video for “Don’t Leave,” the album’s first song, and have formed a relationship in the process. However, based on her recent social media statements, supporters believe there is more to the story.

“Miss him!” Keyshia Cole captioned photographs of the two together on her Instagram stories. “I miss him a lot,” she says. The Internet went into overdrive with ideas and predictions that the two could be more than friends—despite the fact that neither has publicly addressed the claims as of yet.

Keyshia is so taken with Antonio’s new work that she previously declared that she thinks the unreleased album is deserving of the highest musical honor…a Grammy. The music video is expected to emerge soon, giving fans the chance to see Keyshia and Antonio’s connection up close and personal.

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Antonio Brown’s debut album, ‘Paradigm,’ might win him a Grammy, according to Keyshia Cole. (Instagram photo: @keyshiacole)

Cole said in an interview with TMZ on April 22 that Brown is skilled and that she wouldn’t have collaborated with him musically if she didn’t think so. “I think he’s incredibly talented,” the 40-year-old added. I admire the body of work he has produced. He’s going to be fantastic, in my opinion. I do. I wouldn’t have collaborated with him if I didn’t think he’d be fantastic.”

“I don’t think he should give up anything,” Cole answered when asked if Brown should give up his football career to pursue music full-time. If you apply your mind to it, you can accomplish anything.”

When asked if she thinks Brown, the former Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver, will win a Grammy, Cole said, “Of course!” You put your mind to whatever you do. “Do whatever you want with your life.”

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Many others assumed Cole’s statements were made solely because she was purportedly dating him when they saw them on the internet. Cole and Brown originally became linked in March when they became close while filming a music video for their track “Don’t Leave.”

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A clip of Keyshia Cole and Antonio Brown’s new song is shared. Photo:@keyshiacole/Instagram

After releasing a video of what looks to be Cole exhibiting her tattoo of Brown’s initials, the footballer put fuel to the relationship rumours. Since then, no new information concerning Cole and Brown’s relationship has surfaced.

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