Who Is Kyle Sandilands' Girlfriend? All We Know!

After a two-year courtship, Kyle Sandilands and his girlfriend Tegan Kynaston have decided to get engaged.

It is reported that the radio personality, who is 50 years old, proposed to his fiancée, who is 35 years old, earlier this month at his vacation home in Port Douglas.

Bruno Bouchet, who is Kyle’s manager, confirmed on Sunday to Daily Mail Australia that the KIIS FM star would have some exciting news to share on his radio show the following day, which was Monday.

It is their news to announce, not mine, so I will not. However, if you are interested in finding out more, be sure to tune in to Kyle and Jackie O on Monday,” he said.

Who Is Kyle Sandilands' Girlfriend? All We Know!

In addition, Tegan was seen on Saturday when she landed in Sydney donning a substantial diamond ring on her finger.

About Their Future Plans

The wedding will reportedly take place in the not-too-distant future, according to a person who is close to the pair.

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Tegan works as the director of communications for the company owned by her boyfriend, King Kyle Pty Ltd.

When They Made Their Relationship Public

On New Year’s Eve in 2019, Tegan made the couple’s relationship public when she posted a picture of herself kissing Kyle in front of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The image was shared on social media.

She had shot down rumours that she was dating the KIIS FM broadcaster two months prior to that.

Who Is Kyle Sandilands' Girlfriend? All We Know!

After breaking up with his long-term girlfriend Imogen Anthony, Kyle started dating his personal assistant Tegan and the two have been together since then.

On The Kyle and Jackie O Show in November 2019, the radio industry giant made the shocking announcement that he was ending his relationship with his partner of eight years.

He informed others who were listening that the pair “hasn’t been living with each other for months” and that their romance had “just run its course.”

We haven’t seen one other in quite some time now; it’s been quite a few months. He lamented that the issue had reached its conclusion.

A Shocking Anouncement By Kyle

At the beginning of this month, Kyle disclosed that he has not completely discarded the possibility of having children with Tegan.

In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, the radio shock jock, who is 50 years old, stated, “It is definitely not out of the cards.”

Kyle added, “It has never really been on my priority list, and I guess it is just because I was the kid who brought about my childhood troubles from my parents’ divorce and this and that.”

He confessed that he had not always been interested in having children, but that after spending time with other parents, such as John Ibrahim and his spouse Sarah Budge, he came around to the notion of having children of his own.

Recently, the radio host who works at KIIS 106.5 disclosed that he had recently gone through reproductive testing and that the results gave him the “all-clear.”

Who Is Kyle Sandilands' Girlfriend? All We Know!

In an interview with the Daily Mail Australia that took place one month ago, Kyle stated, “I was pretty concerned [about the fertility test] until it came back saying, “Yep, it’s all fantastic, everything’s good.”

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“Obviously, [Tegan] is in excellent shape. She is still in her youth and in good physical shape. It is therefore comforting to learn that there are no causes for concern in that region, as this ensures that any future plans will not be affected.

“[I wasn’t thinking about having kids] since I’ve been focusing on my profession,” she explained. However, every one of my friends and Tegan’s family and friends also have young children in their families. And being as how we’re the only couple at the BBQ who don’t have any children, he remarked, “we have the FOMO [fear of missing out].”

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