Who Is Lana Rhoades’s Boyfriend? Complete Dating History!

Who Is Lana Rhoades's Boyfriend?

Lana Rhoades was a p**nstar in the past. She has participated in several personal videos and photographed for Playboy magazine. Lana, a 2017 film, also features her.

Rhoades is now a digital producer and influencer with Olivia Davis and Alexa Adams, co-hosting the three Girls 1 Kitchen (3G1K) podcasts.

Rhoades previously disclosed that she was planning to debut her show in July 2021. Rhoades addressed her experience in the p**n trade and some of the riskiest scenarios she’s been asked to shoot on the 3G1K show. She has also spoken about her 18-year marriage and the men she has dated during her life.

About Lana Rhoades Boyfriend

Rhoades’ most recent lover is influencer Mike Majlak. The two were previously involved in an on-again, off-again romance before being bought together in January 2020.

They met through a mutual acquaintance, Logan Paul, and Rhoades was just interviewed on their podcast, Spontaneous, about her time in prison as a teenager.

Due to false allegations, the couple had a brief split in October 2020. Even after they broke up, Rhoades had seen Majlak’s YouTube vlogs several times.

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Is Lana Rhoades Still Dating Mike Majlak?

The failure of the GTA, according to Majlak, was not the reason for their breakup. As a result, many people have been waiting for this conclusion.

According to Majlak, typical conditions were unaware of their link. Most people, he feels, would be oblivious of the gravity of his situation. However, he used the phrase “poison sludge” to express his feelings.

Despite the couple’s breakup, it appears as if the personalities were not cooperative. Majlak and Rhoades have frequently argued over their opposing perspectives on several topics.

Majlak went on to say that he doesn’t have any horrible blood with Rhoades. He respects her, wishes them all the best, and wishes her joy. She should date someone who makes her feel comfortable.

He demonstrated that there would be no breakup video and stated that this was his final public talk on the subject.

Lana Rhoades and Mike Majlak’s Breakup

Lana broke her silence two months after the social media power couple officially called it quits and revealed the real reason for her split from Mike Majlak.

Lana’s public relationship with Majlak was on-again, off-again throughout their union. In October, the two took separate approaches before reconnecting a few days later.

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While there have been numerous theories as to why the couple decided to call it quits in February, Lana has finally shared her side of the story.

Majlak’s Grand Theft Auto Online sessions were once again the main topic of discussion. During his broadcasts, he would “demolish the fourth wall” and abuse girls on Role-Playing servers. Although this “traumatized” Lana at first, it was not the main reason she moved on.

It wasn’t only because he was “inappropriate with other women” in the real world, however. According to Lana, it all boiled down to later moving in together.

The prior couple had no intention of mending their romance after being separated for just over two months.

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