Who Was Voted Off Survivor Last Night - Everything You Need to Know!

One of the reasons that make Survivor so compelling is that it isn’t simply a game about living in the jungle; it’s also about surviving socially and tactically.

To win, gamers must build (apparently) genuine bonds with their fellow competitors while competing for a million-dollar reward. Survivor 42 incorporates several of the new twists and interventions established in Season 41, and participants have only 26 days to make it to the end instead of the standard 39 days.

At least one person has been voted off the island every week, and we never know who it will be on Survivor.

The inclusion of racial debates in the Tribal Council in Episode 9 offered new emotional depth to the episode. Tensions were particularly high between Drea and Jonathan, with Jonathan’s accusations being, to be honest, a touch exaggerated. When it came down to it, fans of the program have learned to appreciate the internal struggles that come with difficult decisions, and that’s exactly what they received in this episode.

Survivor Season 42: 10th Vote Off

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So, who has been voted off thus far, and who was the most recent expulsion? This week was a double-elimination week, so brace yourself.

Jackson Fox, for starters.

Jackson Fox, 48, was the first player to quit the game, although he did so without consulting the tribal council. Before the first tribal council, he was forced to leave for medical reasons, reducing the Taku tribe to just five members. His exit was a hugely painful loss for the season because he was the first openly trans competitor on Survivor.

Wurtenberger, Zachary

There’s nowhere to hide in a tribe of six, and Ika’s weakest link seemed to be 22-year-old Zach. Because he utilized his shot in the dark, which meant he couldn’t cast his own vote against another player, he was the first player officially voted out of Survivor 42, as well as the first player voted out entirely unanimously.

Marya Sherron is the third person on this list.

Marya Sherron, 47, was popular among the Taku tribe but lacked the social connections that the other participants possessed. However, before she was fired, an emotional scene aired in which she described how she had lost her brother, the first nurse in New York City to die of COVID-19, and how she had been playing for him.

Jenny Kim, number four.

Jenny appeared to be an unstoppable force. She could solve a riddle in seconds at 43 years old, and she and Mike became fast friends. Despite this, Daniel couldn’t go to rocks for Jenny when the Vati tribe was tied in a 2-2 vote, so he worked with Hai and sent Jenny home.

Swati Goel is the fifth person on this list.

Swati was a lovely character, and at 19 years old, she was Survivor 42’s youngest contestant. When her tribemates Romeo and Drea noticed she was promising everyone that they were her “number one,” they plotted to vote someone off who could sneak into the final three.

Strunk and White

Daniel, 30, had become a contentious Survivor player by the time he was sent home. His strategies initially captivated spectators, propelling him to the top of the leaderboard. The Vati tribe, however, could no longer trust him following the tribal council disaster in Episode 3. He was too much of a liability to keep around with the merger approach.

Lydia Meredith is the number seven.

The last vote before the merger was a shambles. Only a few people were available to be voted off with a fresh eight(ish) person alliance and another hourglass twist. While Omar was successful in keeping Jonathan and Maryanne’s names out of the running, Lydia’s removal was the only other alternative. Her farewell interview on Rob Has a Podcast, at the very least, made it all worthwhile.

Chanelle Howell is ranked number eight.

Chanelle knew she was in peril as soon as she landed at the bottom of the newly merged tribe. Rather than scrambling, she opted for a policy of remaining calm. When Romeo became nervous, it almost worked, but in the end, Mike’s social skills persuaded the majority of the tribe to get rid of Chanelle.

Bailey, Rocksroy

Rocksroy had problems convincing Mike, Hal, Omar, and Jonathan to join a “No Girls Allowed” males club. Much of it stemmed from his communication style. This concept was dubbed the “misogyny club” by Hal, who went on to say, “Yes, we have a misogyny club.” “I’m offended by Rocksroy’s demeanor toward others. He’s direct, and he cuts people off…you only talk strategy with Rocksroy when he wants to talk strategy, which I despise.” In the end, Hal was granted immunity, and Rocksroy was forced to leave.

Tori Meehan is ranked number ten in the world.

Chanelle and Rocksroy were both on the Jury at the second Tribal Council vote, which Drea and Maryanne found difficult to comprehend. Drea expressed her feelings at seeing Rocksroy on the jury by saying, “I was ecstatic since Survivor features four African-American contestants. Then, as is customary, the Black participants are booted out at some time — Boom! Boom! Boom! — and that is precisely what is happening right now. So, yeah, I’m a little irritated.”

Who Was Voted Off Survivor Last Night - Everything You Need to Know!

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This threw everything into disarray, and Maryanne realized she couldn’t write Drea’s name down. Tori was thus eliminated from the competition.

During this episode, it became clear just how different it is to be a Black cast member on a program with a predominantly white cast. Tori was voted off not because she was white, but because it was felt how difficult it is to even reach a point on Survivor where there is more than one Black person. Nonetheless, it’s still a game about strategy and a battle between what’s best for the game and what’s best for the player (which is determined by their own lived experiences).

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