The Curse of Oak Island fans will be disappointed, if not perplexed, to learn that there will be no new episode this week on the History Channel.

The boys had finally begun the “major dig” at the Money Pit, and it appeared like both they and we, the viewers, would be seeing some riches soon, but cruelly, it appears that we’ll all have to wait a little longer.

But don’t worry, Season 9 isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. So far, we’ve been treated to 15 episodes, and fans may expect another ten before the year is up. Instead, the Oak Islanders are taking a well-deserved mid-season rest.

Seasons have typically ended by the end of April or the beginning of May in recent years, and this year is projected to be no exception. In reality, there has been a general trend toward longer seasons. The first five seasons all had fewer than 20 episodes, but they’ve gotten longer every year but one, with Season 8 setting a new high with 25 episodes.

When will the History Channel air The Curse of Oak Island again?

The Curse of Oak Island Season 9 will premiere Episode 16 titled Gold Diggers on Tuesday, March 1 at 9/8c, as scheduled.

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The lads will continue to excavate the Money Pit area in the hopes of discovering the buried treasure in this episode. According to the episode description on the History Channel, the team will be following in the footsteps of former President Franklin D. Roosevelt, who participated in a 1909 expedition to find the Oak Island treasure.

The Curse of Oak Island

What is replacing The Curse of Oak Island on the History Channel?

Keeping with the theme of US presidents, the Oak Island mid-term break falls on Presidents’ Day, which this year fell on Monday, February 21. As a result, the History Channel is airing Abraham Lincoln, a biography of America’s historic 16th president, as a “three-night documentary event.”

When Oak Island fans would normally be turning in for some treasure seeking, they may instead look forward to the third episode of the Abraham Lincoln biography, which will focus on events around the end of the Civil War.

Thankfully, Oak Island fans won’t have to wait long for the programme to return, and as we near the end of Season 9, we can expect things to pick up as the lads make one more effort to locate something major before the Canadian winter sets in.

The Curse of Oak Island will air again on History on March 1 at 9/8c.

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