Why Yellowstone Viewers Love Rip And Beth

There are a variety of reasons why people watch “Yellowstone” week after week. As fans watch the Dutton family’s ongoing adventures, it’s some of the most addictive entertainment now on the air. They own a large ranch, and others will want to get their hands on it if there is money to be made. One season after the next, the Duttons have battled various opponents who want to take over the ranch.

While this subplot has gotten a lot of attention over the years, it’s not the only reason fans keep returning. Some viewers have returned to see Jamie Dutton’s political ambitions (Wes Bentley). Others want to see more of Kevin Costner’s John Dutton (the family patriarch). Nothing has beaten the budding romance between Rip (Cole Hauser) and Beth for those who enjoy a good romance (Kelly Reilly). The couple has had its ups and downs over the years, but actor Cole Hauser believes there’s a simple reason why fans keep rooting for them.

Beth & Rip: A Love Story | Yellowstone

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Rip and Beth’s romance is described as “raw and honest” by Cole Hauser.

The relationship between Rip and Beth took a huge step forward in Season 4. Finally, they tied the knot in the finale. The ceremony was basic, but it was perfect for the loving couple. But, given they’ve been through so many difficulties and tribulations together, marriage is far from the end of the line for the two, and if Cole Hauser’s comments are any indicator, viewers will continue to see the two fight to find common ground in the seasons ahead.

Cole Hauser discussed how fans are captivated by the couple’s frequently tumultuous relationship in an interview with Men’s Journal. “Their love is so raw and true,” he says. Relationships in real life aren’t always as idyllic as they appear in comedies and fairy tales. They’re frequently sloppy, which Hauser explains relates to the show’s audience: “People like to see imperfections, therefore they’re not perfect. The romantic relationships depicted in movies are frequently implausible and fantastic. That is not how most partnerships work.”

Why Yellowstone Viewers Love Rip And Beth

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Within the limitations of Rip and Beth’s courtship, viewers may be able to perceive elements of their own relationships. They may suffer, but in the end, they succeed, therefore it’s a worthwhile objective to pursue.

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