So what was the argument? Yes, it was about how firms are no longer giving that pure stock Android experience. Android fanatics, fanboys, enthusiasts, and geeks apparently all were craving for that stock experience.

So, someone had to deliver, and so the Android messiah came in the form of Essential phone. Championed by the co-founder of Andy Rubin, this phone would give back to the people what they want.

In the first round, we had media releases; wild rumors and palpable anticipation. The second round was cheering and “Well done! Mate” along with the launch. The third round was the verdict round. Now, looking at the numbers, it appears that the Essential phone was nothing but a disaster.

So, what went wrong? A lot of things, first of all, Andy Rubin may be a visionary, but he’s no Steve Jobs. So, chances are when you have launch displays with a hot piece of tech; people will not take it kindly.

Secondly, Essential is essentially (You see what I did there) a new company. So people need some time to get accustomed to it. So, at the end of the first six months, only 88,000 units got sold according to the industry research firm IDC.

IDC’s research head Francisco Jeronimo took to Twitter to announce the numbers along with the line that the phone is “still a long way from becoming a successful venture.”

I understand that to some this may appear to be out of the place because 88,000 units appear to be a big number. However, when you consider the millions of handsets the industry biggies or even comparatively low players sell, this is a tiny number.

You may say it’s a great device, but the answer lies in one of the replies that IDC head gave on his tweets, “Indeed it is a great device, but unfortunately in this segment, being the best device is not enough. Strong partnerships with channels and supporting them financially is vital to get the desired sell-out.”

Essential is still a start-up, and in recent times it has gone through some substantial price cuts to make itself more desirable to users.

This move means that the profit margins are going to be pretty thin at the firm’s end now. However, hopefully, Essential will manage to sail through the chopped waters and finally establish itself as a viable brand.


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