Facebook is your overexcited college friend who wants to do everything and be everywhere. Also, while it is doing that it intends to take over other firm’s business, Snapchat is still licking its wounds after Mark stole the idea for stories. So, who did it target now? Well, LinkedIn.

Yes, LinkedIn which is most of our go-to place if we are looking out for jobs. Now, Facebook has now rolled out job posts feature in 40 countries thus setting the lay work for another lucrative business venture.

So, now organizations that are looking to hire can post the job openings in the Jobs tab present on their page, Jobs dashboard, Facebook Marketplace and News Feed. On the other end, if you are looking for jobs, you can find openings on the platform itself.

The social media giant will let you auto-fill the required information with your very own Facebook profile information, edit and submit the necessary application and also schedule interview dates with the Messenger.

Facebook had started working on its Jobs tab back in 2016 and had rolled out the same in 2017 in Canada and the United States. This was done in partnership with ZipRecruiter to lure more job opportunities to this newly baked feature. Now, that it is working perfectly, the firm is rolling it out in UK, Italy, Spain.

Facebook’s VP Alex Himmel was quoted saying, “One in four people in the US have searched for or found a job using Facebook. But 40% of US small businesses report that filling jobs was more difficult than they expected. We think Facebook can play a part in closing this gap.”

While availing this feature, you will be able to filter out criteria’s so that you get the most relevant results. This feature also gives Facebook the opportunity to steal a chunk of the $1.1 billion revenue LinkedIn has managed to garner for Microsoft in the last quarter.

However, all said and done. It remains to be seen if some of the citizens of the new countries that the feature is being rolled into is okay with their prospective employer taking a peek at their social media profile on the very first step of screening.


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