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Do you like to see the streets and the trees running in the opposite direction, as you pass them by, while taking a drive? Well, some of us love to soak in the view that we see outside the car window and some just keep their eyes glued to the phone or sleep (assuming they are not on the driver’s sit). While we take these small pleasures of life for granted; to some, these are the luxuries in life that they cannot afford; for example, the visually impaired people. Now, Ford has come forward with a plan to change just that.

The American multinational car manufacturer Ford has recently introduced a prototype of a smart car window. This window is not just another car window but allows people with visual imparity “see” their surroundings.

Credit: Ford

“Feel The View takes pictures that are turned into high-contrast monochrome images. These are then reproduced on the glass using special LEDs. By touching the image, different shades of grey vibrate with a range of 255 intensities, allowing passengers to touch the scene and rebuild in their mind the landscape in front of them,” stated the American automaker.

A team of experts in Ford Italy and GTB Roma developed this concept smart car window along with the help of Aedo, a local firm that specializes in developing gadgets for the visually impaired people. There is no doubt that the idea is quite fascinating. However, whether or not it will be executed and come out in the market as a product for the public remains to be seen.


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