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The Stories of Instagram is quite a popular feature. In its latest update, the app has revealed a new way for the users, using which they can add to the Stories feature from any app. So, it means you don’t have to take a screenshot and then upload it; rather you can directly share from any app.

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The users, who are keen on keeping things private from the hullabaloo of social media they can actually do so while using the app. They can simply choose not to link their account with the other apps and Instagram, rather Facebook (as Facebook owns the app), will not know much about the user. This entire process has one downside to it; if you want the photo-sharing platform to work with other apps, it doesn’t do so until the apps enable the feature of linking an Instagram account to them.

So, this means if an app developer chooses not to incorporate Instagram sharing into an app; you won’t have any other option but to accept that. Now, two companies have recently joined the team; meaning they have included Instagram sharing in their apps – GoPro and Spotify.

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Now, one can share the song that he/she is listening to on Spotify on the app via its Stories feature. The song will not play in the Story but it will let other Instagrammers know what you are listening to at that moment. The song in the Story will also feature a dedicated button which will take the users to the Spotify app; if they have it installed.

In other development, it is expected that the photo-sharing social media network will soon integrate a video chatting option in the app.


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