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Photo-sharing app Instagram has been making changes and adding new features to the platform so that they can attract and retain more users. Essentially their plan is to make it more fun and interesting. Now, comes another good news for the enthusiastic Instagrammers – the app is gearing up to include, not one but, a bunch of new features and tools into the platform.

Jane Manchun Wong recently took to the micro-blogging site Twitter and shared the news with the users that it appears that the Facebook-owned photo-sharing platform is conducting tests on a number of new features. These new features would include quick reactions to the stories, just like what we see on Facebook.

Also, allegedly, there will be an option in the Stories, using which users will be able to capture slow-motion videos and upload them. Matt Navarra tweeted about some of these features as well.

The app is, probably, also going to feature a mute button on the profile. A user, who doesn’t want to see some other user’s pictures on his/her feed and doesn’t want to unfollow or block that user either; this mute button will do just that. It would be something similar to what Twitter has, where users can mute other users without having to unfollow them. This feature is handy, as unfollowing or blocking one another, most of the times create a lot of drama.

At last, it seems like you would also get a calendar archive view of the Instagram Stories. This will allow all the users to see the dates of their previously uploaded Stories. The Instagrammers would see it in a calendar view, which would make it much easier for the users to check them at a glance.

Now, some users have commented that they can already see some of these features on their Instagram profiles and feeds. This indicates that the app has made some of these new features live in some parts of the world.


However, Instagram has not yet confirmed any testing officially. Also, there is no guarantee that these features will roll out publicly for all the users worldwide but let’s just keep an eye on it.


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